Two whole words of the day, you lucky people! I must be on happy drugs.

A jolly farmer attends to his lovely flowers.

5. Spong

A real word. And you thought piggle was made up. Referring to “irregular, narrow, projecting part of a field” I believe it is also the sound tofu makes when you poke it with a fork.

If Tofu was called Spong they would sell a lot more of it.


6. Tofu A tofu disguised as a spong.

A tasteless wobbly substance with a texture similar to the stuff you find clogging household drainpipes. Curdled bean scrapings are compressed to form mattress-sized slabs of quivering goo. Springy enough to use as a mattress but usually chopped up and put into vegetarian products instead of real food.

The Tofu marketing department missed a trick by not calling it Spong.


3 Responses to “Tiggy’s Words Of The Day – Spong & Tofu”

That tofu looks GROSSSS!! Some things are gonna taste like sh!t whatever you do to it!!

yeah it kinda looks disgusting 🙁

I bet those mushrooms are raw too (or is it some sort of mould?)

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