Cheese is Grate!

1. Cheese was invented by the ancient Egyptians hundreds of years ago. But it wasn’t for eating! They used the melted gloop to block the orifices of mummified pharaohs so their insides didn’t seep out.

2. Gouda and Edam has holes in it. But how did the holes get there? Simple – little grubs on strings. Once the wiggly critters have chomped the required amount of holes, the cheese maker simply tugs the string to remove them. What a fun job those little guys have!

3. The World Record for eating cheese is held by Bagwan Amijaad, a doctor from Mumbai. He managed to consume a staggering six Baby-Bels in one minute – without vomiting! Well done Bagwan!

An ancient Roman, yesterday.4. The Romans brought cheese to the Empire after Mark Anthony visited Egypt and claimed he had “consumed the finest delicacy, a gift from Hera, discovered right up an old king’s bunghole.”

5. If cheese was a country, it would have to move to Jupiter as it would be too big to fit on Earth. Although it would sink as Jupiter is made from gas. Ok, half of it would fit on Venus, the other half could go to Mars and the rest of it… Hang on. Assuming cheese is the same density as H20 and the total circumference of Mars is…
Look, there’s a lot of fucking cheese around, all right?

6. What is cheese made of? That’s easy. Milk, curds, whey, cream, cheese and sometimes pieces of goat (called goats’ cheese, obviously).

7. Cheese is so highly prized in Italy, it is illegal to dump it, throw it or fornicate with it. The last cheese-related hanging was of the notorious ‘Fondue Fuck Party Four’ in Milan in 1937. The criminals were hung, drawn, cubed and served with a delicious gorgonzola melt.

A typical cheesemaker, yesterday.8. Cheese has influenced popular music! The Beatles’ Yesterday was originally called Curds and Whey and was a charming ballard about the cheese making process. Then Paul McCartney spoiled it by turning it into romantic drivel.
From Public Enemy’s hard-hitting Wendsleydale Ghetto Riotz to Guns ‘N’ Roses’ sensational Hot Hard Cheddar Love, cheese has rocked the music world!

9. Some things called cheese aren’t really cheese! A Big Cheese means an important boss, cheesed off means a bit annoyed, and knob cheese isn’t really cheese at all! Unless you’re an ancient Egyptian.

10. Monterey Jack got its name from American cheese maker Arnold Pomeroy. He developed his beloved creamy-but-salty cheese using a ‘special ingredient’. Unfortunately the secret went to his grave as Arnold was hung in Milan in 1924 for undisclosed cheese-related crimes.


29 Responses to “10 Things You Didn’t Know About… Cheese”

Note to self: Do not look to Tiggy for historical data.

I didn’t think Gouda or Edam had holes in it. Isn’t that Swiss?

I must say sending cheese to Venus could be effective. I love me that melty burned cheese goodness. Venus’d do it.

I’m a cheese-a-holic.
I agree with Stephanie’s comment above. Isn’t oit Swiss with holes instead of Gouda or Edam?

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Eat More Chicken

Mmmmm, cheese! Edam has got big holes in it, I think gouda has little holes, grub-size lol.

I didn’t know goats cheese had real goat in it, I will avoid that in future!!

You’re telling me I can no longer fornicate with my cheese? And this started out being a good day.

Chowner’s last blog post..Loose Change

I came to comment about the no fornicating with cheese law, but I see Chowner beat me to it. Don’t worry, Chowner. I think we’re still OK here in Canada. As far as I can tell from Tiggy’s post it’s only a law in Italy. Well, there’s one country I won’t be taking any long vacations in. I can’t afford to abandon my entire sex life for that long.

… oooh … aahh … AAHH … OH GOD … cheese. Bye for now; I’m going to take a nap.

Joel Klebanoff’s last blog post..The Origin of Evolution Theories

Stephanie: Swiss cheese has holes in it too! My, those grubs are busy beaver-like grubs.

Sherry: Oh noes! A cheese controversy begins!

Jeff: Aha, a man who knows his cheese! Eww.

Chowner: You may fornicate as much as you want, just don’t do it in Italy.

Joel: In Canada, it is virtually encouraged.

Those are 10 things I definitely didn’t know about cheese. I would add that the word cheese comes from the Ancient Sumerian language. It originally meant “constipated”.

That’s the thing. I don’t like Swiss, but I frequently eat Edam and Gouda and neither had holes. I even looked ’em up in Wikipedia to make sure I hadn’t misremembered my cheese.

Though, I love so many cheeses, I’m really glad I don’t have to pick just one. Cheese is a great blog topic.

i like the cheese maker!

unfortunate names’s last blog post..One Liter Of The Finest Man Juice

Thanks for ruining cheese for me forever. I hope you don’t get curious about bacon next

dizzblnd’s last blog post..Phase 1 Punishment Complete

What I want to know is why Marc Antony thought it was a good idea to eat something stuffed up the bunghole of a mummy in the first place.

C. Fraser’s last blog post..Hockey Fights Explained

LOL. I notice you didn’t list any sources for this article.

John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer’s last blog post..The Games Children Play

So cheese is made, in part, of cheese? That sounds suspicious to me. I’m with John J Savo. Sources!

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Get Hurt so you don’t have to

Aoi: That’s an amazing fact, Aoi! Did you also know the ancient Sumerians invented the internet? I’m sure I read that somewhere.

Stephanie: I should get a fee from the Cheese Marketing Board for advertising their wares.

Unfortunate: Yes, that cheesemaker is in traditional cheesemaking costume. Yum. Sweaty.

Dizz: Bacon? Hmmm. I hadn’t thought about that before, but now you’ve got me curious. I must consult my sources and let you know what I find.

C: You know those Romans, their crazy stunts were all about trying to impress the ladeeez. And hard young soldiers.

John: This isn’t Wikipedia, you know!

JD: Cheese source? Hmm.

Of course, there is almost a dark side to cheesiness, as is was written:

Doctor Faustroll’s last blog post..St. Ballantine’s Day

…and sometimes pieces of goat?

Pieces of goat? Eek!

Margaret (Nanny Goats)’s last blog post..What NOT To Do on Maui

A rather hilarious fabricated list of cheese facts. Well played with the comments as well!

Your information is crap. Honestly, its funny, but completely wrong!

Awesome post!

Though, I love so many cheeses, I’m really glad I don’t have to pick just one. Cheese is a great blog topic.

I like cheese very much to eat . I fell astonished to see such information about cheese .
Thank you for sharing this .

Wow, The number 1 was actually the most random one in my opinion.

Really nice post, lots of info about cheese, but this only makes me hungry lol.

Mew encanto la publicaci{on porque yo hago y como queso en muy variadas presentaciones

Who knew there was this much to know about cheese?

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