Modern TV is rubbish

There’s something wrong with my TV. It only shows CSI. No matter which channel I flick to, I still see Gil Grissom prodding a mutilated carcass. Every fucking channel. The CSI team continues to probe blood-spattered bodies all evening. A perfectly coiffured woman slices into a cadaver and harps on about seminal fluid and slash marks. There’s a time and a place for seminal fluid and it isn’t while I’m eating my dinner.

My faulty TV is now subjecting me to a visual horror show. Sweaty fat guys weld motorcycles, plastic teenies squawk Whitney Houston songs and hyperactive Americans demand I buy Super Bam Power Juicer. Realizing this parade of televisual twats is what constitutes entertainment these days, I’ve decided to cash in and develop my own shows to flog to the networks.

Big Brother with a refreshing twist

Celebrity CSI: A reality show contestant is brutally murdered. A team of other reality show celebrities don rubber gloves and tap bleeping computers to work out who did it. Of course this being a reality show, the unlucky celeb will be sacrificed for real. The victim’s family should be informed of their loss live on TV – think of the ratings!

Infomovies: Movies are practically two-hour long infomercials these days (yes David “Ooh, product placement all over my new movie! Nike! Buy Nike!!” Schwimmer, I’m talking to you). Why not have movie-length commercials? Get Brad or George to pump the Bowflex® Home Gym for two hours. Throw in a sub-plot involving terrorists, homicidal pirates and a shower scene and you’re on to a Bowflex® marketing winner.

Everybody Loves Everybody: Nice middle class family (with a seemingly endless supply of money) headed by lovable chubby guy called Jim. Crime, disease and ethnic minorities do not exist in Jim’s world, apart from one token black friend who gets all the worst lines. Hilarious plots include:

– Jim sneaking out to watch the ball game – just wait until Mrs. Jim finds out!
– Jim arguing with his cantankerous mother-in-law. She’s not bitter because she’s lonely and marginalized, of course.
– Trailer trash neighbour stealing the lawn mower, barbeque etc. Stupid poor people are funny!

It’s a tried and tested sitcom formula so why do anything else?

Nice Fluffy Family Happy Fun Time: To keep those right-wing religious zealots happy, I’m developing a family show just for them. Imagine a wholesome hour filled with children’s spelling bees, jolly songs about Jesus and how lovely he is, children petting puppies, jolly ladies doing jigs, puppies judging spelling bees and jigging children petting Jesus. And knitting. There should be a lovely knitting segment, with sweaters and spinning and jigging. None of those nasty liberal wool colours like indigo and orange. Just nice shades of beige. Amen.

Cherubic children's Christian Choir. You have been warned.

House on Houses: Cranky medic Dr Gregory House helps young couple get on the property ladder by showing them around overpriced apartments (how the hell young couple can afford them is a mystery). Deal closes just in time for House to rush back to hospital to save a young girl from Lupus etc, etc.

Why struggle for original ideas and innovation when you can make easy money recycling the same old formats over and over? And if it makes Rupert Murdoch and Jim Shaw even more money, it can only be a good thing.
Can’t it?


8 Responses to “Kill Your Television: TV Shows Coming Soon?”

I hope you understand that just because you said it, it will come true. There WILL be a Celebrity CSI. There WILL be an Infomovie. The next family sitcom WILL be overdone on purpose. Someone WILL film a christian assembly and put it on prime time. You slightly missed the mark on the last one though. They’re already filming a 2 hour special of Kitchen Nightmares where Gordon Ramsay performs a tracheotomy with a paring knife on Neil what’s-his-name from Real Renos (some dive in Hamilton ON, and they suspect renovation materials, not the food).

Aggghhh! Get those happy singing kids away from me!! I love the idea of the CSI show.

As a family, we decided to KO the cable for exactly those reasons. Now, after two years, I think we had begun to forget exactly why we pulled the plug in the first place. Thanks for the timely reminder! You may have just saved an entire family from having their brains sucked out by hordes of media zombies! Hey! That could be a tv show!

Cheers, Marc

Great post, except…it’s NEVER lupus!

(I love CSI but ONLY the original.)

Have you ever seen the movie Series 7: The Contenders? They may have stolen one of your ideas…

Julianna – Ack, I’ve gone and done it now! Looking forward to seeing Gordo’s surgery skills in the next Kitchen Nightmares.

MC – All together now, Kumbay-ahh my Lord, Kumbay-agghh…

Marc – Glad to be of service rescuing your family from zombies. Yep there’s an idea for a show in that!

JD – Stupid never-is-lupus-storylines. Someone’s got to have it sooner or later.

Lupus figured prominently on the original Mission Impossible TV series.
(I refuse to write LOL)

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Hey Tiggy, I’m still waiting for these show to be made!!

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