Missed another flying saucer sighting? Make sure you’re first in the Close Encounters queue with this space-age UFO Detector, a bargain at only $69 of your Earth dollars!

No anal probes for you with this UFO detection unit!


* Its powerful radar scans the sky for extra-terrestrials lurking up to 25 miles away!

*A flashing light will activate when the approaching interplanetary fleet is detected. Probably.

* The detector’s compact size means you can take it camping, to the mall, in the shower – and it’s quicker than waiting for that ‘mutilated dead cow’ calling card those crazy aliens love to leave!


 But wait! There’s more! You too can be a ghost-busting hero with the incredible super-high-tech Ghost Detector!

It's a spooktacular gift for kids!

* This state-of-the-art device alerts you whenever a headless horseman or murdered Victorian housemaid floats by.

A great gift for impressionable young children. Boo!


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13 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – UFO Detector”

Gosh, now I know what to get everyone on my Christmas list! Thanks, Tiggy! 🙂

Well now I have all I need to host my own SciFi reality show. Thank you.

Perfect!! I hate when sneaky little ETs lurk around.

It spots UFO’s up to 25 miles away! Wow!
I bet NASA are placing their order right now!!

My kids have the monster-in-the-closet detector. I like to make it go off with a remote just for laughs!

I’ve never seen any flying saucers (except the ones I accidentally drop while doing the dishes). Nor have I seen any ghosts. I think I’ll take both gadgets.

Man, I totally want them! What else ya got?

Glad to be of service, everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing all your amatuer Blair Witch Project video as you hunt around the woods for machete-weilding spooks. Have fun!

Look out for more shopping goodies soon!

I’m getting a text message from the Obama campaign in the event of a UFO landing.

Do they have anything that detects ghost mice?

Meg: Great idea from Obama there. I assume he’s charging for the service?

JD: I hear the boffins are busy working on a prototype right now. They’re wondering if they can come and test it round your house?

I had an alien anal prope me once……it hurt…..I belived in extra terrestrial life after that for years till I found that alien outfit in my Uncles wardrobe…….man did I feel stupid

OMG, I need one of the UFO detectors. We are flippin’ INFESTED over here!

[Brzzzzz] There’s another one, dangit!

Hilarious post… :^)

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