Releive the boredom of driving with the Road Trip Tray!

Are you a busy salesman or executive out on the road? Save time and increase productivity with this super Road Trip Tray! Now you can write reports and browse e-mails on your laptop while you cruise down the highway. Also makes a great dining table for those high-speed picnics. And the Road Trip Tray’s 1001 uses don’t end there…

* Parents! Keep baby happy by using it as a diaper changing station, allowing busy mums to keep moving while attending to junior’s movements!

* Have a dangerous old car with no air bags? Simply tie a soft pillow to the tray and remember to bury your head into it as your car collides with that speeding truck or kindergarten group.

Net nerds! Can’t bear to be away from Facebook or YouTube for a minute? Worried you’ll miss the latest hilarious Lolcat picture? Surf while you drive with this fabulous Web Wow Wheel Widget and never miss a moment of cyber fun!*

Truck, what truck?

*Do not operate while driving. Pretty please. No really, don’t. Seriously. OK, only for really important e-mails. And maybe Twitter.


7 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre: Road Trip Tray”

It really is insane how busy people get, that they don’t even have time to travel safely. Life gets hard at times! You gotta work hard to do well.
.-= Life tips´s last blog ..Success is 99% failure =-.

I want one of those! I don’t drive much since I work at home but I can’t even drive and make a phone call. Hell, I can hardly change the radio station while I’m driving.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..Everybody Pees =-.

WoW! That looks like a dangerous product, I hope this isn’t real. I can see why someone would want to use one but the temptation to use it while driving would be too great. Its bad enough with cellphones…!!!

I wanna road trip tray! 🙂

Funny post, thanks Tiggy!!

On the other hand, if I knew Junior’s movements were on the tray in the car in front of me, I wouldn’t tailgate.
.-= murr brewster´s last blog ..Birding Posts: The Final Movement =-.

My sis recommended this blog and she was totally right…. keep up the fantastic posts! 🙂

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