It's pink! It's cute! It's semi-automatic!

Moms! Looking for a special gift for your precious daughter? Does your little lady want the best and wants it now – or else? Nothing says “I love you” more than this oh-so-cute Teeny Princess semi-automatic machine gun! Now your loved one can feel safe on the streets amongst the hordes of drug dealers, rapists and terrorists – and coordinates perfectly with her favourite girly outfits!

* Your little girl will be Queen Popular at school – they’ll all want to be her friend – or else!

* Feel free to let your daughter run errands to the drug store, shopping mall or crack house knowing your little one can take care of herself – or she’ll take care of them!

* Buy her even more love with glamourous Teeny Princess accessories including Sparkle Puss fluffy ammo bag and silencer attachment! It’s like, totally awesome!


8 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre: Teeny Princess Machine Gun”

It’s about time the boys stopped having all of the fun.

I think I’ll get one of those for Vlad for his birthday this week. Do you think he’ll appreciate it for his collection?

My daughters would’ve loved, loved, loved this! Much better–and more effective–than a princess wand or an easy-bake oven.

I’m gonna have nightmares about that pic!

I bet this also comes in a special Sarah Palin-endorsed version– the Red Riding Hood’s Revenge– for taking care of those storybook wolves, too.

Helicopter not included.

When my daughter is old enough, and boys start to pester her, I will be getting a father and daughters version so we can both take them out.

Have room for an award?

I think I’m hooked (-:

I have one for you on my site



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