Birthday Blog Girl! Yay.

I love birthdays! It’s an excuse to do nothing at work, drink copious amounts of tequila and spend the night throwing up into a salad bowl. That’s how I like to celebrate anyway.
And Tiggyblog is one year old this week! And what a year it’s been…

My artsy adult movie project The Cock Whisperer attracted international media attention! It even made headlines on World Sex News. Looky here!

World Sex News breaking story!

Despite the international media frenzy, funding for the project was not forthcoming. Bunch of pussies!

Inflammatory post of the year dealt with the controversial topic of… fancy restaurant food. Indeed, I was subject to a barrage of fucked-up-foodie rants and hate mail, and branded a “redneck philistine” who probably drove a pick-up truck to McDonalds every day. Who’d have thought raw beef could stir up such emotions?

Undeterred by my previous film-making ventures, I managed to land a part in a movie! My stunning performance as “Princess” the hot executive was spoiled only by the other 230 people in the shot.

Birthday party at Hooters!And the hottest posts of the year? Thousands of you have become enlightened about that funny herb you can smoke, the wonders of cheese, a valuable collection of new swear words and my quest to become a Hooters girl. You people are weird.

And in response to the all Google searches I’ve had relating to my Hooters post, a) Hooters girls will not let you eat their panties, b) no, they will not hire you if you are over 200lb and c) performing sex acts with chicken fingers is not illegal in Alberta, as far as I know.

So a big thank you! to the 50,000 visitors to my site so far (could some of you please flippin’ subscribe too? I’m not charging ya) and the countless nutcases who have left messages. You guys are all lovely and probably very attractive!

Thanks also to the Humorbloggers, Jenn, JD, Chelle B., Lord Likely and all the other comedy-blog-persons I’ve probably annoyed over the last twelve months.

Tequila and salad bowls are on me!


34 Responses to “Tiggyblog is One!”

Happy Birtiggy!

A year? You dont even look 7 months! Your youthfull looks and 14 month old wit make the Tigster a happy place to visit.

Sy – Sock Puppet Wannabe’s last blog post..It’s like the site being sued by a big corporation

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Happy b-day. I look forward to another year of the laughs your hilarity brings.

chowner’s last blog post..Conversation starters that come in handy when I want to remind people that I recently won the lottery

Have a great birthday Tiggy! Heres to many more!!

Happy B Day Tiggy.

One down and hopefully many more to go

Dave’s last blog post..Earth Hour, Applesauce and a Stomach Pump

Happy birthday.

phuckpolitics’s last blog post..That’s right Obama

[…] of my favorite blogs is celebrating their  birthday today.  […]

Happy blog birthday, Twat Ratchet!

C.B.Jones’s last blog post..Tattle babble.

Many happy returns!

Happy Happy Birfday!

WannaSmile’s last blog post..and how are you feeling today?

Hey, it’s the big “1” year bloggiversary at House of Tigg– let’s make it a party worth not remembering! 🙂 Is that a tequila-infused cake up there, Tiggy? And tell that three hundred pound Hooters girl not to dance on the party table like that– she’s getting the beer foamy.

Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..Pirate Captain of the Ship o’ Fools

Happy birthday and feel free to throw up for me.

I don’t subscribe because I have you bloglisted and check you every damn day.

So there 😛 !

Stephanie’s last blog post..Time to Yourself

A most happy bloggiversary to you, Ms. Tiggy.

Joe’s last blog post..Caption This: Birthday Edition

Happy one birthday.

My first blog birthday sparked a move to a self hosted wordpress from the evil blogspot.

Looks like you’re already that smart.

Keep em coming!

Mike’s last blog post..Why I Was Kicked Out of the Gym

Happy Blogannoversorary (or whatever it’s called)! Good work! 50,000 people is just amazing. You can fill a stadium with that sum. My site has barely registered a fire hazard in a two-family house.

And thank you for publicizing Hooters’s abhorrent policy of not allowing patrons to eat panties. Shame on them. That’s reason number 1 (out of 1) that I will never go there again (this week).

Angry Max’s last blog post..Advice for Hard Times

Congrats, keep up the great posts

sam’s last blog post..ShamIdiot


Happy birthday, Tiggyblog. Time to give up the binky.

Shawn’s last blog post..The Greatest April Fool’s Day Prank EVER

Happy birthday Tiggy blog !!!

dani’s last blog post..Traffic and death ?

Happy birthday gal! Looking forward to another year of crazy!
Hope the hangover isn’t too bad…

You’re only 1. Wow. I thought you were a seasoned pro. Well, regardless, you are in my mind. Pro what? I won’t say. 😉

Unfinished Rambler’s last blog post..WTF (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday #15: What’s The Buzz?

happy anniversary! Also, I’d bet they’d hire a 200lb Hooters girl if the proportions were right, I think your weight is just unevenly adjusted in the wrong places, other than that, you’re in!

RaBT’s last blog post..Deep Thoughts Thursday #32

1 Yr?? Congrats! Lemme know when you’re done with those salad bowls, it’s Friday!!!!

Thanks everyone! I celebrated in style, and ran out of salad bowls sometime around Thursday afternoon.

Oh well, see you all again for Day One of Year Two next week!

Wow, you’re one? You graduated to the drooling years. Happy anniversary of your blog. Good stuff…

VE’s last blog post..Fun with Star Trek

Blogppy Blogthday. Thanks for the laughs over the last year!

Sorry guys, I’m the attractive nutcase she was referring to. Happy…Birthday?

Happy Birthday!!

Thinkinfyou’s last blog post..Oops I Banged Myself!

WHEEEEEE!!! I’m so happy I have an excuse to throw up into this brand-new salad bowl today!

But it will be pure joyful throwing up as I reflect back on this most Tiggy of years and look forward to the years ahead, during which I KNOW The Cock Whisperer will find its backers.

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Asked “Cake or Death” so you don’t have to

I’m surprised as well that you’re only one year old. I thought I was a newborn babe at this, but you only beat me by a couple weeks. Keep up the great work!

Ryan Garns’s last blog post..Chris Matthews Works at a Drive-Thru

Happy belated Blogoversary!

Monique’s last blog post..Monday Musings – Anne Bradstreet

Hope you had a fantastic first birthday Tiggyblog.
Happy belated first birthday and here’s to many more to come!

Keith at my body fat’s last blog post..Walking For Weight Loss

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I’m definitely liking your weblog, thanks for sharing.

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