Hey kids, if you had to write a letter to God, what what you say to Him?

Kids tell it like it is! Bless!

Aren't the little ones precious!

Aren’t little ones so precious!


18 Responses to “Kids Say the Funniest Things: Dear God”

The Madonna/God thing would be interesting…but I’m not sure God is so interested in adopting kids from Guatemala any more.

I am rolling! The last letter is priceless.

I love kids they are so funny and make me happy.

Agghh Tiggy, you’re going to Hell. Hilarious!

OMG (sorry…bad habit)

Spit on my computer funny!

BTW, you owe me a new keyboard (-:

And don’t worry, I know someone who sells EZ Passes to Hell on the side…Jesus Somethingorother (-‘


Stephanie is my kind of girl.

And I’m a little worried about Jack.

So funny – I love them!

man these sound like my grand kids questions, and they all think i am god, don’t know why, maybe i should quit tellin em i am.
god woul be good with madonna, her with the priest and a will and all.

Tiggy, this is feckin’ hilarious. You’re going to hell, and I definitely can’t recommend it to my friends, but it’s funnier than sheesh. I love the kid who was happy when his teacher died of a “heron overdose.” That’s me. He’s dead? Oh, good, more food for us.

How come it isn’t cute when a grown up writes a note like that? I think that’s reverse predjudice..great post!

i dont think this was done by chirldren and i also think that most of this was verry inappropriate and crude

Tiggy: frikkin’ fantastic!
Sarah; they were either genuinely written by kids or by someone with the world’s worst handwriting but best sentiments. Try and take the joke for what it is.

Too funny! I love Laurie’s letter, I can imagine him writing that, terrified he’ll get found out!

Sarah’s response made me laugh, I hope she was joking!

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Too funny. I love that first one.
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I’m a little slow, what’s a willy? 😎
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Hahaha. That’s so funny! 😀

How cute! I love kids. 😀

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