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(Unfortunately, Tiggy doesn’t possess a turntable or any musical knowledge, so all reviews are entirely fictional).

It’s tizzy fizzle! I think.

Oooh! Ricke Low's Orkester!

6. Kjell Kraghe Featuring Ricke Low’s Orkester! Or something!

James Last and his Orchestra too highbrow? Looking for an eclectic Euro pops album with a cool synth vibe? Kjell Kraghe is the genius behind Vind I Selgnbthing, featuring Ricke Low’s Orkester (a bit like an symphony orchestra, but with more hair).

Non-stop Eurozone disco fun includes:

* Ich Bin Sexy Love Boat
* Hot Dog, Hot Dog
* Lumpen Pants Gestuffen
* Hajj Hajj Happy Pis!
* Fingerfuch am Disco Party

The album cover is a work of art! By the wonders of Photoshop wizardry, Kjell-baby appears to be rising from the sea like a polyester-clad Neptune. Es gut, ja!

Thanks to Worst Album Covers for this masterpiece of LP art.

Next time on Hit Parade: Shiver me timbers and lash me cockles… It’s Pirate Pops!


10 Responses to “Tiggy’s Hit Parade: Fingerfuch am Disco Party!”

Great review, Lumpen Pants Gestuffen sounds like a hit! I look forward to your next review of “It’s Pirate Pops!”

MadMadMargo’s last blog post.."Caption This" No. 6: The Winner Is…..

I was going to say he looked like a giant blond Nazi Godzilla…but Neptune works, too.

moooooog35’s last blog post..A CONTEST!!! – Bloo is Gay and Likes Eating Men’s Bums in Texas

I’ll be singing Haj Haj Happy Pis all day!!

He didn’t include the rousing rendition of Hans und mein Lederhosen?

Chris’s last blog post..Silence of the Lame

I hardly recognized him in those glasses. Now that I do, I’m excited to hear this album as it’s a departure from Kjell’s normal Hard Trance sound.

chowner’s last blog post..Song names rejected by Coldplay before they finally decided on “Yellow”

Wow! Kjell Kraghe is amazing… how does he do that? Rising from the sea as he sings? He’ll have to watch out for the sailboats, though. They might knock his glasses off in mid-song.

Larew’s last blog post..Gingerbread Shenanigans… or… On My Way to Mommy Jail Part 3b: "Incendiary Devices"

Too funny! Hot Dog Hot Dog sound like a great party tune.

Oh, you’re right:It IS a tizzy fizzle. I Googled “Lumpen Pants Gestuffen” and only came up with this post, so I’m wondering if this is a legitimate song. Off to check iTunes . . .

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Am Speaking at BlogHer so you don’t have to

It’s like Love Boat from Hell… Terrifying.

Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..The Urban Legend Retirement Home and Independent Living Center

Margo: It’s gunna be good! Arrrrse!

Mooooog: Killer Nazi Godzillas from the Planet Vlindesnslagenhoffen – goodness, I think you’ve given me an idea for my next movie script!

Jeff: All together now: “Hajj, hajj, happy pis, pis uber mein muffy, ja, ja ja!”

Chris: I’m hoping he includes that fabulous dance track on his next LP “Vind See um Cockhartd”

Chowner: I think the Hard Trance sound scared off a lot of his core fans, particularly those over 70.

Laraw: Those sail boats don’t look right to me.

JD: It’s almost like you don’t believe me. Honestly, all these odd Google searches you are perfroming these days…

Jenn: All together now “Ich bin sexy love boat, mein poozy ist on fire for you…”

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