It's butterly friggin' brilliant!

Gourmet chefs! Working up a sweat to earn another Michelin star for your restaurant? Too busy sculpting carrots and flambéing guinea pigs to tackle that pile of unbuttered bread? Banish your kitchen nightmares with this handy Sticky Butter Butter Stick!

Top shouting chef Gordon Ramsay would probably be even more successful if he had this powerful grease gadget in his f*#*ing kitchen!

* Sticky Butter’s computer-designed ergonomic shape means it can tackle even the most exotic bread shapes – and rolls too!

* Don’t stop at bread! Butter Stick can also be applied to crackers, asparagus and as a soothing balm for insect bites.

*Collect the whole range of great kitchen accessories including Ketchup Rifle, Spray Can Jam and Lard Pen!


12 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Sticky Butter Butter Stick”

Holy crap, is this fo’ real? And if not, WHY not? I’d totally buy it, and so would f*cking Gordon Ramsay, I’ll bet.

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Saw Kobe Grimley First so you don’t have to

I’ll stick to eating plain ole’ glue sticks, thank you very much.

C.B.Jones’s last blog post..Dangerous curves apparently too dangerous for some.


Looks like a dildo. Has butter in it. It is a dildo. Truly spreadable…

RedRaider’s last blog post..Ain’t It Funny How Things Work Out?

Gag me with a butter-stick-type

ann’s last blog post..Upon Your Maiden Bridesmaidhood: Considerations for Young Women

Wow! You could use this like a popsicle too! Just twist & lick! MMMMMM! (Unless, of course, you’re one of those skinny, health freaks who eschew butter and other earthly delights.)

Cat Lady

Larew’s last blog post..School’s Out… and My Reign of Terror is Over!

that is the greatest looking lip balm ever

Nooter’s last blog post..Nooter’s Nifty Nine for June

I Can’t Believe It’s A Butter Stick.

chowner’s last blog post..I am now accepting applications for the seat in my sidecar

JD: I’m surprised Gordon hasn’t come out with his own “Fuckn’ Butter Pen”. Missing a trick there, Gordo!

C.B.: Erm, I don’t think you’re supposed to… oh, never mind.

EvilEvo: Can have! For only three easy payment of $19.50 plus shipping and handling.

Red: Utterly butterly. Oooohh.

Ann: You may want to speak to Red about that.

Cat Lady: I guess for the eco-health nuts they could make one out of tofu oil or something.

Nooter: Sticky Butter is great lip balm, especially if you like wearing wasps on your face.

Chowner: I can’t believe someone would actually have this idea in their brain, make it and market it.

I’d have to try something like that at least once.

John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer’s last blog post..Array of Anathemas

Wow! that definitely looks so convenient.
I’d love to have one in my purse. A lip balm for emergency situations and a yummy way to enjoy my morning tea at work.

Chatterbox’s last blog post..I Believe…

What a wonderful idea!! No more drippy bagels, or corn on the cob!! Be still my heart.

I’d just be afraid of mistaking a glue stick for one of these, and gluing my lips together. Which wouldn’t be good…

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