Music fans! Confused by the choice at your local record store? Want to get ‘with it’ and ‘hip’ like all the cats at the local Hop? Or something? Check out Tiggy’s Hit Parade!

(Unfortunately, Tiggy doesn’t possess a turntable or any musical knowledge, so all reviews are entirely fictional).

Let’s rock around the cock!

A puppet show... in audio! Hmmm.

5. Harry and Terry

Attention fans of freaky little mechanical puppets! Top ventriloquist Terry and his little woody friend bring you the finest in voice-throwing fun… you won’t even see his lips move!

This amazing record showcases the talented duo’s spectacular routine including:

* Tap dancing – boy, that little wooden fella can move!
* Magic tricks! Pick a card, any card…
* Terry drinks a glass of water while Harry sings a song – you won’t believe your ears!
* A rousing rendition of their 1988 chart-topping hit I’m Inside My Best Friend
* A fabulous finale with dancing showgirls and a unicycling hamster

Hopefully a video version of the show will be released in the future.

Thanks to Worst Album Covers for their toppermost of the poppermost record collection.

Next time on hit parade… break out your polyester pants and glitterball for a spec-tacular Eurozone disco sensation!


12 Responses to “Tiggy’s Hit Parade: Puppet Pranks with Harry and Terry!”

Did they do a cover of “Hands In My Pants”? Because I’d really love to hear a duet of that song.

chowner’s last blog post..Guidelines, and other observations, you’ll find helpful when the time comes to compose your next “It’s not me, it’s you” mixtape.

LMAO @ “I’m Inside My Best Friend”. No wonder it was chart topping.

Shawn’s last blog post..Frank Wilson Wants To Save Your Soul

I think they also had another hit, “I feel what you had for lunch” Might have been someone else.

ettarose’s last blog post..Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign.

That puppet looks scary…by the look of his teeth I’d say he’s been in a few bar brawls…

Oh, man, I haven’t heard “I’m in My Best Friend” in ages. Thanks for reminding me. I’m off to find the video on YouTube now.

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Ride the Bike so you don’t have to

I’d love to burn a pile of those damned puppets! Next to clowns, ventriloquist and their puppets weird me out. I hate them whether they can sing or not.

RedRaider’s last blog post..Mean Joe Green And The Kid? It Came Close…

I love the hit “I’m in My Best Friend” but I also love the little known hidden track “Hey get your hand out of there”.

FreakSmack’s last blog post..Vincent Lagone was charged in Pasco county with DUI

Chowner: ‘Hands in my Panties’ more like! Not that I’m trying to start rumours or anything…

Shawn: I believe it was a popular hit in the gay clubs of Utah.

Etta: Nope, I think you’re thinking of the ‘Walrus of Love’ Barry White there.

Evil: I can’t imagine why anyone would want to punch that puppet. What reason would there be?

JD: You know, maybe if we publicized that YouTube vidoe, just think of the potential! It could be Harry and Terry’s own ‘Susan Boyle’ moment! I will be claiming 20% finding fee, btw.

Red: That’s a little harsh. It is well known that voice throwing is one of the most difficult arts, along with shadow puppetry and pole dancing.

Freak: Those tracks bring tears to your eyes, eh? They certainly bring tears to Harry’s.

Seeing as how I am a puppet myself, I might would have a mind to be offended! But puppets come in all shapes and sizes and one must never stereotype. I am certainly an exception to the idea that puppets are mindless followers. I have risen almost to celebrity status and leading the way for puppets of all kind. I am sad to say though that I am definitely not a fan of puppets! They are generally annoying and should be avoided if possible. The worst ones are the ones with thumbs up their britches which may explain why it is so difficult for them to sing. However,I am sure the above mentioned record will really hit the fa…er, I mean be a hit with the fans!

Mason’s last blog post..Mason Gets Angry!

Mason: It’s nice to have a real live puppet on the site, so welcome! I would have thought Harry and Terry would have been right up your alley, erm, if you know what I mean.

Can I get it at iTunes? 😉

That is truly the stuff of nightmares! lol

Lidian’s last blog post..Magical Mystery Egg

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