Norway - Where the wild hamsters roam.

Ahoy there my fellow cock pirates! Tiggy is going away for a little while. No, not the ‘orange jumpsuit and scrubbing toilets’ type vacation (can I point out all charges were dropped), but I have been invited by Tiggyblog fan Snorri Twotsson to Scandinavia! After reading my guide to Norway, Snorri challenged me to visit his wonderful country where he’s promised to “Teach me a lesson for insulting Norwegians.” I’m looking forward to learning cheeky Norwegian swear words and enjoy some bawdy banter with the locals! I hope he’ll take me on a wild hamster safari in the fjords too. What a lovely guy.

Now everyone play nicely and I’ll be back in June with even more stuff, things and all kinds of rubbish.

Ha det!


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June? This sucks. Can’t you blog in Norway. You’re selfish. Have fun!

No tiggy!! Youre going to miss all the hockey in town. Have fun with youre new friend, pls come back soon, I love your blog!!!

JD – I’m hoping to be way too drunk for that. Take care!

MC – my timing sucks. I’d been asked to play left wing for Team Canada but I’m afraid they’ll just have to limp on without me.

I’ve heard that Norway only has one internet connection anyway, so probably by the time you’re cued to use it you’ll be back here already and making fun of it. Sometimes timing is everything.
At least you’ll be able to practice your hockey swing amongst the roving Hamster Herds, the hockey stick being the preferred wilderness weapon of the Norwegian Outback…that and bottles of vodka tied to a rope.

Hey everyone! I’m back and I didn’t die! Well, I nearly did but that’s for another blog. I tell you Jeff, those hamsters are crafty buggers – they spit too!

Right, on with more rubbish.

Faen helvetes jævla hestkuk!
OK, that might not be cheeky swearing, but in a country where men are men (and some of the women are as well)it certainly will get the point across.

Oh dear Roy, I think that may have been the phrase that got me arrested in Oslo. I thought it meant “Which way to the gentlemen’s underwear department?”

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