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Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God
Oh My God, Oh Your God, Oh His God, Oh Her God…
Pavement, “Shady Lane”

Do you believe in God? You would think I was a flippin’ nun, the amount of times I say “Oh My God!” And I’m not just talking about shouting it out during those sexy fun time moments. For such a cynical, probably-ex-communicated agnostic, I spend a lot of time referring to “God”. Have you noticed how many silly sayings are associated with the Big Guy?

Godspeed: How fast is that? For an old guy, I can’t imagine God is that fast. Maybe he has a chariot pulled by angels. Naked angels. If I was God, that’s how I’d want to travel.

Maybe he drives a Porsche. Can you get cars in Heaven? How would they get up there? When a car dies, does its oily little soul drive through the Pearly Gates? Or does Heaven have its own car manufacturing industry? So there are factories and manual labour… in Heaven? So much for lazing around on fluffy clouds eating Philadelphia dip.

On the other hand, if God is omnipresent he is already everywhere, so He doesn’t have to move at all. This phrase needs a rethink.

According to Jeffery 21:09, your soul will burn in Hell if you eat peas on Tuesday.God Botherer: One thing worse than a salesman (or a “corporate account executive” as they call themselves now) is a salesman selling God. They eagerly chatter on about Jesus and Good News and His Plan like it’s the first time anyone has told you about it.

You then waste ten minutes ranting about how you read the Bible but couldn’t follow the plot, got beaten up at Bible study as a kid, and how St. Paul said eating shrimp is evil but you like shrimp so stuff what he thinks… and all this time the God Botherer smiles and patiently waits for you to either convert or die of apoplexy.

Is hiring these dicks the best marketing plan God has? If I was God, I’d hire the most kickass marketing people I could, get some prime-time TV advertising going and perhaps sponsor a hockey team or something. It would be cool to be on a squad with God on your side, literally.

Godawful: The God Botherer told me God Is Love, so how can God be awful too? You mean he was lying? You could argue God is awful because he lets earthquakes and tsunamis and premature ejaculation happen. But isn’t that the fault of Mother Nature? So Mother Nature is awful! But she invented rainbows and baby rabbits and smokable herbs, so isn’t she good as well? I’m confused.

Here’s an idea I bet even the Pope hasn’t thought of – supposing God and Mother Nature are married, and are both behind this creation lark? It’s easy to see how trouble starts…

God: Damn you, woman, I told you not to fiddle with that storm cloud! You’ve washed away an entire civilization. I’ve been working on that all week!
Mother: You and your silly little human experiments. When are you going to do something useful, like clean up that oil spill in my ocean? Honestly, playing with tankers at your age…
God: Well if you hadn’t turned those stupid dinosaurs into oil, there wouldn’t be oil spills!
Mother: Dinosaurs were your idea!
God: Try telling that to those frikkin’ Creationists!
Mother: Do you want me to send a hurricane to sort ’em out?
God: Oooh, yes. There’s nothing good on TV tonight anyway… apart from the hockey.

Oh dear, I’ve taken God’s name in vain. Am I going to Hell? Good. It beats working in a Porsche factory.


12 Responses to “Oh My God”

Goddamn, you’re funny.

That God fella can a little unpredictable at times. But I bet he loves his Porsche.

Chowner’s last blog post..A transcript of my interview with the editor of the local paper for the position of obituary writer

Everything you say … it’s the god’s honest truth.

Joel Klebanoff’s last blog post..Forecasting Economists

I wonder if my old Dodge Neon is waiting for me in Heaven…I hope so, because I left some kickass hair metal tapes in the trunk.

Shawn’s last blog post..2 Sides 2 A Story: Would a Baby Make a Good President?

I’d comment, but I’m still waiting on the finalization of the contracts to see if I’m a God Botherer or a skeptic.

I like the Mother Nature/God pairing (or something similar). It makes sense that there’s a little tension in the celestial realm. Wouldn’t it be dull for God and/or Mother Nature if there weren’t?

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..For Anonymous: Labor Relations

I’ve sent a few motorcycles to heaven in my time!

I had to stop by because my ears were burning.

moooooog35’s last blog post..Lexi and Me

As an atheist, I know I should swear off OMG. But I love the delicious irony. And it’s a habit, like saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes. Does that person really need to be blessed?

kathcom’s last blog post..7 Signs I’m Getting Old

In terms of speed…

The Flash > Superman > a hobbled turtle > God.

It’s a well known fact that he wasn’t that athletic.

C.B.Jones’s last blog post..I think I’m dead.


LOL @ “premature ejaculation.”


John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer’s last blog post..The Savo Auctioneers on TV

We’re all going to have such fun in hell when we all meet up there!

Larew’s last blog post..Good Baby Advice

Once you solve the “Godspeed” issue, you can move on to a more pressing question, to wit, what does the H in Jesus H. Christ stand for?

Chris’s last blog post..The Teacher Files, Volume I: Mr. DiMaria

@Chris I think it stands for “Holy”.

maggie madison’s last blog post..layout change?

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