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RP1 - True Friend

What is a true friend?
A friend knows your hopes and dreams
But a true friend knows you inside out!
Your friend isn’t always by your side,
But a true friend will always be behind!

A true friend will always be behind!

A true friend will give as much as they receive
And will always lend an ear, a hand or a tongue!
If you’re grumpy, sad or blue
A true friend will always come for you!

How many friends do YOU have?

Kitty BFF!
Are they special?

Or are they disposable?

Something AMAZING will happen to you and your TRUE FRIEND


Eastern Time, that is.


A good friend will bail you out of jail….
A true friend will be with you in your cell!
And will love to share their bunk with you!

Jail is fun with your best freind!

A true friend is a gift from God!
If you don’t send this message to 5 friends
You will make God ANGRY.

Kitty prays for mercy. Bad kitty.
If you don’t have 5 friends, God is already ANGRY with you.

Send your TRUE FRIEND this message!!!
If they don’t return it, they are NOT your friend.

They are mean and spread LIES. And STDs.
You know that itch you’ve had for a while?

I feel sick.
Send THIS MESSAGE to your NEW true friend instead!

NOW! Otherwise that thing I mentioned that is happening tomorrow at 1pm (Eastern time) won’t happen. I mean it.

Beautiful wishes,
Rainbow Princess


9 Responses to “Rainbow Princess – A True Friend”

LOL! I’m going to send this to the whole office.I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!!

Oh, my gawd, I am dying here.

I’d love to send this to my Aunt Margaret, who forwards me this crap all the time. I wonder if she’d even notice. No. She’d probably just forward it to all her church friends and Red Hat Society friends.


JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Met My Creepy Neighbor so you don’t have to

I swear I just threw up a little in my mouth. I can’t even send it as a joke; I’d never live with myself.

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..For Aron: Space Habitation…

Yeah, I couldn’t send a chain letter/email, not even as a joke.

John J Savo’s last blog post..My Bibliography: High School

So cute, thanks for visiting our blog.

Dorothy from grammology

Dorothy Stahlnecker’s last blog post..Do you like the new site…Thank you guys your the best..

I hate getting these emails, they always promise something is going to happen to you if you send them onto all your friends….so stupid!

This one is hilarious though! 🙂

I see you covered all the bases by posting it. Now you have sent it to many many people. How much did you get at 1:00 E.T.?

This is so horribly wrong on so many levels. Funny as fuck!

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