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Rainbow Princess – A True Friend

Rainbow Princess - Glittery!

Make your heart smile with Rainbow Princess’s inspiring viral e-mails!

RP1 - True Friend

What is a true friend?
A friend knows your hopes and dreams
But a true friend knows you inside out!
Your friend isn’t always by your side,
But a true friend will always be behind!

A true friend will always be behind!

A true friend will give as much as they receive
And will always lend an ear, a hand or a tongue!
If you’re grumpy, sad or blue
A true friend will always come for you!

How many friends do YOU have?

Kitty BFF!
Are they special?

Or are they disposable?

Something AMAZING will happen to you and your TRUE FRIEND


Eastern Time, that is.


A good friend will bail you out of jail….
A true friend will be with you in your cell!
And will love to share their bunk with you!

Jail is fun with your best freind!

A true friend is a gift from God!
If you don’t send this message to 5 friends
You will make God ANGRY.

Kitty prays for mercy. Bad kitty.
If you don’t have 5 friends, God is already ANGRY with you.

Send your TRUE FRIEND this message!!!
If they don’t return it, they are NOT your friend.

They are mean and spread LIES. And STDs.
You know that itch you’ve had for a while?

I feel sick.
Send THIS MESSAGE to your NEW true friend instead!

NOW! Otherwise that thing I mentioned that is happening tomorrow at 1pm (Eastern time) won’t happen. I mean it.

Beautiful wishes,
Rainbow Princess


A Social Leper on Facebook

Facebook is no LOL matter

Are you, like the rest of the Universe, on Facebook? It’s a great idea. You can find friends, friends you were avoiding can find you, and work colleagues can chat all day without leaving their desks. Join new groups, meet exciting, beautiful people (if you believe their profile picture) and spend valuable time swapping hilarious Fun Wall posts!

Everybody Loves Tiggy
I was new in town and friendless. No need to hang around Starbucks looking lonely, I could use Facebook to meet interesting locals. I sent friend requests to a few people I’d bumped into once or twice. I sent requests to people I didn’t know but were in my new buddies’ network, so they must be fun to hang out with. From Tiggy-no-mates to 28 new friends in one day! Thanks Facebook, my fun social life awaits!

As usual, my optimism was short-lived. I checked Facebook every day for posts and party invites. It was very quiet. My new friend count had stalled at 31. The most popular, fun-loving guy in my friends’ network had not responded to my friend request. A week passed, then two. Nothing. I began monitoring his movements – he was accepting other requests but not mine. I felt rejected. I was upset because someone I didn’t know wanted to keep it that way.

Paranoid Hermit
I began spying on my so-called friends as they posted on each other’s message boards. Geoff and Ricky went on a pub crawl last Saturday. Bob had a great time at Sarah and Dave’s party. No-one posted on my board. My “Hi there, must meet up soon!” posts were drawing blanks. I was becoming paranoid. They were all partying behind my back, laughing about me and telling everyone in town to ignore my friend requests…

Facebook had failed me, simply confirming my social outcast status and turning me into an online stalker. I had two choices – head to the wilderness and become a hermit, or forget online networking and venture back into the real world. I didn’t need an internet connection to meet people.

And if I made some real friends I could always invite them to join my Facebook…