It's Toss-Tastic!!

Chefs! Why use a pan to make an omelette when you can use another pan? The Omelette Wizard makes that most difficult of culinary challenges a piece of cake! Simply pour in beaten eggs and flip the pan – instead of the omelette! It’s nearly magic, but not quite.

Don’t stop there! Even hunky TV chef Anthony Bourdain would be envious of your cooking ability as you use Omelette Wizard to conjure up a variety of delicious dinners including

* Omelettes with stuff in them, like cheese!
* Fancy foreign pancakes including Crape Suzette
* Bacon and fish sticks turned to perfection

Don't let your old pan drive you to drink!

Great for camping and the cottage, the pans can be easily dismantled to create a super fun set of badminton racquets! (Shuttlecock not included).


11 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Omelette Wizard”

How useless is that??

Love the pic of Anthony Bordain, lol!

Damnit, I need an Omelette Wizard right now. It also looks like it would make a handy bedwarmer. That is, as long as you kept the omelette in the pan before you go to bed.

Jeff: I hear Gordon Ramsey is also in the market for one.

JD: A great idea! And you would have a fab breakfast in bed waiting for you the next morning!

why use a pan when you can use another pan … LOL … classic.

I just noticed your #1 humour blog … in NS … 🙂 love it.

Oh I just love my omelet wizard. I have three of them! I use them all the time.

Drowsey: #1! It’s possibly true! Maybe!

Sully: Three? Wow, if you’re ever throwing (or is that tossing?) a crazy omelette party, be sure to let me know!

Yes, I would like to order 3 of these please. Who do I write the check out to? 😉

Chelle B: I’m afraid I’ve just sold the last three to Bourdain. He refuses to part with them, but for an extra $50 I can send him along too. Just think, your own personal chef! I hear he’s very experienced.

At cooking, I mean. Ahem.

Did you write that whole post just to type the word shuttlecock?

Am I the only one giggling?

Hypocritical: Words containing ‘cock’ appear rather too frequently on this site, I’m afraid.

It’s all a big coincedence of course.

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