Music fans! Looking to bang, I mean, romance that special someone with a selection of sweet, sticky love songs? Check out this month’s sexy Hit Parade!

(Unfortunately, Tiggy doesn’t possess a turntable or any musical knowledge, so all reviews are entirely fictional).

Oh! I think I just came.

2. By Request Only – Ken

Oh Ken, be my ginger Valentine!

Ladies, one at a time! Immaculately groomed Ken will set female hearts a-fluttering with this hot collection of sultry love songs, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I’m going to sleep with this record under my pillow and dream about Ken’s silky voice churning out hits including:

* Lovely Lady Lover Love

* My Hair, Your Place

* Senior Home Romeo

* I Love Your Lady Love

* My Love, Your Face

* Stop Calling Me (Angelina Jolie)

I dream of running my fingers through his thick gingery hair and feeling the prickle of his tangerine ‘tashe on my…

Next time on Hit Parade – The chutney one I was supposed to do this month. Lol.


16 Responses to “Tiggy’s Hit Parade – By Request Only”

Tiggy, funny list. I loved it. I stumbled you also. 🙂

ettarose’s last blog post..I Learned A New Word

Cheese from a bunghole is looking better and better.

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..More on Great Characters: Growth

My Hair, Your Place. Awesome. FYI, my chest hair is doing a remake.

Chowner’s last blog post..Loose Change

Senior Home Romeo, now theres a tune!!

He looks like a 1970s version of Ricky from Trailer Park Boys, HAHA. Where do you find this crap!

Well, this is embarrassing.

I have that same suit.

moooooog35’s last blog post..Motivational Filler – Surveys

Etta: Always a pleasure! Well, not always, but you know what I mean.

Stephanie: Curiously, “Cheese From A Bunghole – 20 Anthems For Your Fondue Party” was Ken’s follow-up album.

Chowner: I doubt very much if Ken has chest hair. I’m trying to imagine. Can you imagine Ken naked too? Think hard everyone. Hmmm. Can you see him naked yet?

Jeff: Apparently the earliest version of the song was “Funeral Home Romeo” but he toned it down a bit.

Evo: Ken looks nothing like lovely Ricky from Trailer Park Boys. Are you trying to get yourself banned from this site or something? I’ll be watching you, pal.

Mooooooog: I’m thinking Ken might want his suit back by now.

A classic to be in just everyone’s collection!

This album, I believe, is followed by his album entitled:

“As You Were All So Shy About Requesting,
Here’s More Ken Without Even Asking, Baby.”

Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..Saint Dustin of the Eternal Refill

Jenn: Another album from that gorgeous ginger gent? His talent know no beginnings, that’s for sure!

Fictional review always get me hot. But not as hot as a leisure suit. No, seriously. Those things are hot.

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Get Hurt so you don’t have to

all I can say is STUD-LY!

chat blanc’s last blog post..Train wreck

Ahhhhh, Ken – how I love his manlove. (sigh)

MadMadMargo’s last blog post..3 Cool & Crazy Valentine Generators

I’m 100 percent straight but when I saw this man’s mustache my dick jumped for joy. I’m so confused.

phuckpolitics’s last blog post..I knew there was something about Chinese women that turned me on

I think I just turned gay!

Chris’s last blog post..The toaster, home-made tarter sauce and things that I have learned today

JD: Ken shows it is possible to look hot and cool in a leisure suit at the same time.

Chat: I bet Ken has many, many offspring. Every time you see a ginger-haired child, remember it may be Ken’s!

Mad: Oh, no, don’t get me thinking about his manlove! I’ll have to lie down for a while.

Phuck: And that, my friend, is the power of Ken. Manlove indeed.

Chris: Another convert! This man is a sexual powerhouse! He has a little something for everyone. And I mean a little something.

That suit and those huge collars are great!

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