The Chorus line, shortly after Tiggy fell off the stage.

It was a nice afternoon so I decided to take a stroll along the harbourfront. I wandered along dreaming about puppies, unicorns and being spanked by…never mind. A crowd of tourists from the nearby cruise ship pottered around and took photographs of seagulls.

“Yoo hoo! YOO HOO!”

A high-pitched American voice squealed behind me, interrupting my spanking dream.
“Yoo hoo, girl with the red hair! Hi! We really enjoyed your show!”

I turned around to see a chubby couple waving at me and pulling out their cameras. I was confused. I wouldn’t class Tiggyblog as a show. They didn’t look like how I image my readers to be (I assume you are all rather attractive and under 70). I still had stars in my eyes after my recent movie appearance, but that was probably on the cutting room floor by now. Had I been in a show recently? I get forgetful sometimes, but nothing sprang to mind.

The lady tourist flapped her chunky arm and beckoned me towards her.
“We saw the show last night… loved it! I loved your dancing,”
Dancing? Me? This woman was obviously drunk. I mumbled something about being late for rehearsal and fled. I could still hear her shrieking “You hoo, dancer!” as I stumbled away.

I had been a dancer, once. I was four years old and landed the part of “pink rabbit” in the village variety show. I don’t recall much about the performance, although I distinctly remember a rabbit ear falling off and pissing my tutu in sheer panic. Not exactly Bolshoi Ballet material.

Modern dance - wtf?I wondered what kind of freak show I had supposedly been dancing in. I couldn’t think of any dance genre requiring a big arse and the flexibility of a tree trunk. What had this misguided couple been watching?

Maybe it was a contemporary dance show? Perhaps I was in an art-house production about 19th century lesbian vegetable pickers, depicted in a pretentious display of arm waving and scary music. I probably played a carrot or something. But my tourist fans didn’t look the type to be watching arty modern dance. Hmm.

This being Nova Scotia, maybe they had attended a traditional Highland show, where ruddy-faced girls kicked their legs like pit nags to the sound of bagpipes. Oh, the horror! I would never dance like that. My boobs are too wobbly and bagpipes make me violent.

Work it, Tiggy!Then a horrible thought crossed my mind. Maybe the couple were not what they seemed? After all, they were on vacation, full of cocktails and free to go a little wild… in true maritime fashion, maybe they had disembarked their boat and headed straight for the local strip club? Had they spent their evening watching a “show” involving pole dancing and spanking?

Maybe the club had been packed with curious cruise tourists. And they all thought I was that girl who was dirty dancing in a sparkly thong!

My reputation in this town is in tatters! What must people think? A boatload of Americans think I am nothing but a cheap, pole-dancing slut!

However, the spanking part I can live with.


8 Responses to “Dirty Dancing”

Just thank them for remembering and then let them know you are just doing it until you graduate from college.

Joe’s last blog post..Secret Santa Can Suck It

Now that you mention it, if there were more animal costumes and peeing involved, I’d probably be more inclined to watch the Bolshoi Ballet.

The thongs would just be sparkles on the cake.

I always enjoy a good pole dance.

Especially if it is my pole that the female is dancing upon.

Lord Likely’s last blog post..The Cream of the Crop

That drunk tourist sounds like my mother!

Joe: Good idea. Or I could tell them I work for General Motors, they’d understand. (See what I did there, Joe – topical joke. I’m so versatile!)

Charlie: Um… Oh dear.

Lord Likely: Good day to you sir! I had no idea you had a Pole! Do Eastern Europeans make good butlers?

Jeff: Mothers and free cocktails – never a good mix.

geez, the least they could have done was put a few bucks in your undies if they loved ya that much. 😉

chat blanc’s last blog post..TGIFreaky

OK, all kidding aside, you simply must tell me the star of your spanking fantasy. I’ll tell you mine!

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Faked a Concussion so you don’t have to

I am a private dancer, i dance just for money.

any old music will do!!

Free Brighton Fred’s last blog post..Rambert, Eternal Light

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