Anti-terrorist X-Ray machine - the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones!Are your kids blissfully ignorant about Jihad? Not exercising vigilance in the war on terror? Teach your kids to look out for lunatics with this fabulous toy Airport X-Ray machine!

This realistic detection toy will give kids hours of fun as they attempt to identify hidden bombs, liquid explosives and bomb-making manuals from the comfort of the play room. Your children can recreate all the fun of the check-in gate!

* The X-Ray machine’s light flashes when a box cutter or shoe bomb is detected! Kids will love playing ‘Cops and Bombers’ role-playing games with their little classmate Mohammed.

* Teach kids about the dangers of drugs! Challenge your little Airport X-ray Agents to detect hidden packets of cocaine. See if they can identify the real drug from the decoys using sight, touch and taste. It may inspire them to become experts in illegal narcotics when they grow up!


11 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Kiddies’ X-Ray Terror Fun”

Educational toys are always the best.

It’s only when the dear children are using taste and smell in the drug detection game that I tend to see violent mood swings. The “crack cocaine” sample included in the package, has been known to cause petty thievery in the little scamps. – Oh those Kids…..

nearly as cool as Jihadi lego men!

durka durka jihad allah!

Never mind the kids – I want one!!

I want one of these for myself. What a great christmas gift!

I’d be careful with that if I were you. Once they start playing that game, the next step is for them to start pulling their friends aside for body cavity searches. The other parents might get a tad upset about that.

Oh my! I’m not sure this is a good idea. How will the x-rays affect the sperm count of young boys?

Joe: It’s learning, fun and the War on Terror rolled into one! What more could a young child wish for on Christmas day?

Dave: Kids have gotta learn. They’ll thank you when they’re older. Assuming they make it that far.

RLD: Want one! It’s a pity they’re not suitable for the under 3s. Maybe they do a cuddly version.

Jeff & Etta: Careful what you wish for…!

Joel: When we were young, we called that game ‘Doctors and Nurses’.

C: I guess it depends what they’re inserting into the machine?

Some kids play dress up– some kids play strip-search the airplane passengers…

It all evens out.

Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..Brenda Got Run Over By A Reindeer


Jenn: I wonder, do they make surgical gloves for tiny hands?

Rusty: Nothing to hide, nothing to fear! You have got nothing to hide, right…?

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