Agggh! Kawaii cute overload!

10. Kawaii

A Japanese word meaning ‘Cute Panties’.

Having conquered the world’s auto market by making things that didn’t break down and piss oil every six miles, Japanese designers devoted the rest of their time to drawing cute fluffy things.

Keep Kitty close with Kawaii Panties!By simply adding images of big-eyed bunnies to boxes of squid-flavoured candy, they discovered they could extract $$$ from small children.

It is now compulsory for all Japanese products to be emblazoned with happy fruit or tearful pandas.

In the hope of creating the next big Kawaii hit I drew a smiley face on a potato, called it Mi So Happy Pom and touted it around Tokyo.

But it went a bit mouldy.

Tiggy's Kawaii effort. Hmm.

They’re plushy, cute and wear Hello Kitty panties over at



9 Responses to “Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Kawaii”

I think you have something here!

Sell the potatoes with smiley faces (er, Me So Happy Poms) in the grocery store with the faces made in edible food die. Look! Cute baked potatoes you can serve to your kids and watch them eat out of the happy potatoes peeled apart noggins… Look! Slice the potatoes into french fries, killing the happy potatoes for your own pleasure.

This will appeal to the side of kids that’s kind of violent and enjoys video games with gunfire and high explosives.

Destined to be a hit.

Id’ buy happy poms! I guess the ink you use to draw on the face is safe to eat…?!

Now, where can I buy the Mi So Happy Pom? I’d like a mold-free one, please.

I just love Japanese fashion and all the cutesy stuff they come up with. Especially those Hello Kitty underwear there great i wanna get some, where did u get them?

Kirsten: Well, that’s one sold!

Jenn: Another taker! *Edible* food dye, you say… hmmm. May have to just re-design that again…

Jeff: Of course they’re safe! Erm.

JD: Don’t you think a bit of mouldyness adds flavour? And if you leave them even longer, stuff grows out of them. Cute!

Cynthia: The children’s department! Oh, those Japanses kids are so lucky.

does Mi So Happy offer a line of panties too?

Put the Hello Kitty underwear on the potato and then you got something…

I want a happy pom daddy i want it

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