Hot Tub Heaven - of course you don't look stupid!

There’s nothing finer than sitting in your garden taking a bath in a luminous orange cauldron. This go-anywhere futuristic Dutch tub (not to be confused with a Dutch cap, which is somewhat smaller) is a great way to socialize with friends, neighbours and naked men.


We come in peace! To bang your leaf blower!* You’ll be a hot tub hit at the local Salvation Army hostel this Christmas! Simply fill the tub with soup and ladle some festive cheer to the homeless. Afterwards, fill it with hot soapy water and treat your tramping chums to a refreshing soak before pushing them back onto the mean streets.

* Turn the tub upside down and bury it in your neighbour’s garden. Call the local TV station and tell them a UFO has crash-landed next door and a giant purple alien is trying to have sex with their lawn mower. Better call the cops too, this will be a great YouTube moment.


There’s a sexy hot tub party every night at


12 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Portable Hot Tub”

it looks like a giant cup of cappuccino with a human stir stick. too funny!

I love it! I want one.

Please tell me that’s a clever bit of Photoshopping. Please.

That thing is just disturbing…

hysterical! i must get one!

I love it. What a hoot!

Chat Blanc: Eww, I take my coffee without added bodily fluids, thankyou.

Stephanie: Believe it or not, they are for sale! Let us know when you purcahse one and we’ll all come round.

Ethan: Trust me, one word never used to describe my Photoshopping attempts is ‘clever’…

April: Stephanie’s getting one – we’ll just invite ourselves over to her house.

Augusto: A hoot indeed! That orange colour is used by ‘delightful eatery’ Hooters – maybe they should invest in some? I’m thinking outdoor patio tubs, buffalo wings in floating baskets…

I’m always on the lookout for great YouTube moments, so I would get one just for the bury-in-the-neighbors-yard prank.

Giant coffee cup!

LOL … yes, upside down would bring out a camera crew.

how can that possibly be ‘portable’? lol.

Bet you can get great TV reception with one of those babies too.

JD: Will look forward to seeing your arrest on YouTube!

Drowsey: And the cops, SWAT team, psychiatrists…

Julie: Good point! YOu’d need a team of hunky men to lug it around. Another good point!

Don: You could probably pick up the Mars probe!

I want one but I’d fill it with coffee. I already have a giant straw.

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