A poet recently won $100,000 in a literary competition. $100,000 just for writing poems! I’ll have some of that. I can’t be bothered to write long rambling epics a la Wordsworth and Milton, so I’m going make my fortune writing haiku poetry.

A haiku poem has three lines. Each line has to contain five syllables for the first line, then seven for the next line and five for the last. Even someone as numerically challenged as me can count to seven. Just.

The poem has to skillfully convey a feeling, image or moment in time. Japanese scholars spend years studying haiku. I’ve spent twenty minute on Wikipedia. That should suffice.

I’ll have a stab and see what meaningful imagery and Zen-like wisdom I can conjure up, using a normal day in Tiggyland as inspiration.



Hai kitty.


And I would have got away with it too if it hadn't been for those bastard, bastard meddling kids!


Bill Gates in poetry inspiration shock!

Blimey, this haiku writing is a doddle!

Marc Emery would not be proud.


The grease is the best bit!


Inspiration and beauty can be found in the strangest situations..

Well, that was my day in haiku. I think that effort must be worth at least $100,000. Would you, dear readers, care to share your haiku gems?


But before you go off and scribble down your poetic musings, check this out! I am taking part in a Blog Carnival today – no idea what that is, but I assume it involves candy apples and children vomiting on the ferris wheel. Click here to join in the carnival capers at Edge of Sanity!

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving day, Canucks!


14 Responses to “Oh, Hai, Ku! Tiggy’s Day in Poetry”

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tiggy! Some fine poetry there. I think you really captured the atmosphere, the passion, the rich imagery, of the finest in Haiku. The wet cat must be so proud. 🙂

mm maybe your on to something here…:)))))

The poetry was so moving. You can almost make plans for that big $100K check.

you are a haiku GENIUS!!

Well, I’ve already replied to your query on humorbloggers.com, but here you go…

My own haikus…

Tiggy has put up
Poetry in Haiku
Now what do I write?

What is a haiku?
It’s a simple poem
Just delete the 4th line

Nokia and Sony at bay
I bought a new chinese cell phone
Ring it does, but nothing more

Stuck at work again
So many rules to break
This haiku will have a 4th line
s h i t.


If I had $100,000, I would surely gift it to you (after buying my own roller coaster).

Wow…here’s mine then:

That is a lot of free cash
Suckers! Ha ha ha

Your Haiku astounds
I have been moved so deeply
My trousers are damp.

blogging ladies joy

at virtual comments to her prose

goddam we are sad

bugger, miscounted!

today is not going well!

a thousand apologies


OK you lot, stop showing off! Your haiku poetry moved me to tears. And sometimes moved my bowels. But mostly tears.

As a gift to you, fellow haiku poets, I shall be spotlighting your wonderful gems soon. But first I have to compose some better ones, just so you don’t make me look so rubbish.

Well, Ive already put this up at humorbloggers but Ill put it up here too.

Deep drenched thoughts of mine,
Forever soaked in wonder,
Dripped from my own mind.

I could have come up with a new one but Im lazy like that, haha.

buzz buzz

A freshly cleaned rug
Gus forgets the litterbox
is not upstairs. Poo.

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