Barack Huuurrrrr Obama!On 20th January 2009, the world will witness an American first. The first President of the United States who is… hot, hot, HOT!

After years of electing crusty-faced old wrinklies, the American voting public has finally seen sense – after seeing that body!

Barack Obama is possibly the world’s first PILF (a bit like a MILF, but with nukes). But are there other contenders for the title of President of Pwoahh?

* * * * *

Vladimir Putin - Ruskie Romeo?Vladimir Putin – Russia
Who wouldn’t like to be impaled by this Vlad? The smooth-talking Russian is technically Prime Minister, but we know this Leningrad lovely is really running the show! Petite Vlad makes up for his small stature by pumping away on his Bowflexski home gym, then working up a sweat in his Judo jammies!

Just imagine the fun you’ll have as Vlad whisks you away for a romantic weekend survival course in the Ural Mountains. Swoon as he hunts deer with his bare hands! Watch his muscles strain as he turns off another gas pipeline to Ukraine!
Oooh, speak Russian to me and promise not to tap my phone, big boy!

* * * * *

Mahmoud. All man.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Iran
The name’s Ahmadinejad… Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! Manly Mahmoud models himself as Iran’s very own 007 – but he’s loads better than that western-capitalist-pig-dog-infidel James Bond!

With his dashing good looks and stylish jackets, Ahmadinejad lives in an exciting world of intrigue, daring spy missions and stealthy gadgets (like long-range nuclear missiles).

After a hard day pissing off the West, Mahmoud likes to retire to his Tehran bunker with his bevy of burkha-clad babes. He likes his mint tea shaken, not stirred! Otherwise he’ll break your legs.

* * * * *

King of Bling Jammeh!Yahya Jammah – The Gambia
If you’re looking for hot love in the wilds of Africa, say “Yah!” to Gambian nutjob, I mean president, Yahya Jammah! He’ll sweep you off your feet with a ride in his presidential tank while touring his kingdom, I mean constituency.

After a sumptuous banquet lunch (what poverty?) and an enjoyable afternoon spent falsifying election ballots, retire to his palace gardens for a relaxing game of Hunt the Homosexual. Don’t forget to pack your favourite machine gun and a few million dollars of aid. Rarrrrr!

* * * * *

Stephen Harper - sorry girls, he's married!Stephen Harper – Canada
Canada is famous for its cute men. So who better to lead the country than cuddly Conservative PM Stephen Harper? With his timeless ‘JFK’ haircut and adorable pudgy face, who could resist this Canadian bacon for breakfast?

Snuggle up to Steve’s famous fluffy sweater as he plays a medley of family-friendly Beatles hits on his piano. But not those nasty songs about drugs and sex – drugs and sex are EVIL and UNGODLY! Everything in Steve’s world is nice and cuddly. Apart from those nasty stinking oil sands, but let’s not worry about that, eh?
Look, fluffy sweater!

* * * * *

It looks like Obama will be holding onto his PILF crown for a long time yet. Are there any world leaders you would like to have intimate relations with? Or does the very thought make you feel queasy and rather violent? Tell Tiggy!


24 Responses to “Oh-Oh-Obama! The World’s Hottest Presidents”

Not all of these are Presidents, so you should go with Politicians ILF. Your male readers would prefer reading about the female pilfs that tickle your tiggy!

marvelgoose’s last blog post..The Thing With No Name

I’m voting for Putin, otherwise he might cut my gas off!

Seriously? Stephen Harper huh? One of the world’s hottest presidents…hmmm. I don’t see it, but if you say so. He kind of reminds me of a cartoon character. He does look “cute” with the kitty on his lap though-very presidential.

Tiggy, I like your taste. Even chubby cheeks looks like he needs to be cuddled, in a receiving blankie with his pacifier. Hah! Stumbled!

ettarose’s last blog post..MLK Street

That picture of Harper freaks me out. That guy is totally a closet pederast.

Chowner’s last blog post..An open letter to whoever is responsible for the camera adding 10 pounds.

I can’t think of any presidents or politicians that get me hot. I think what most people have to do to get into power (and, yes, that applies to Obama though I admire the heck out of the man) is a major turnoff for me. And I’d hate the forms I’d have to fill out to get intimate. In triplicate.

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Waiting for Daddy…

You got me to laugh out loud! Glad I found this blog.

Betty’s last blog post..Paris Hilton might just be dumber than Jessica Simpson

Interesting post. Hadn’t really thought about these leaders that way.

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: What You’re Seeing on These Trucks Is Amazing Artwork

You may want to bam Obama, but would you be able to get the security clearance? Plus Michelle looks like the type of woman that could really mess you up for screwing with her man.


John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer’s last blog post..Superhomo

Lol! Nope, none of them do it for me! That Iranian guy creeps me out.

Not into any of them, but that’s because I’m a “male reader”. But I like your perspective on them.

Hahaha brilliant post. I would probably sleep with two out of the five (yeah, you know), but only one would have my husband’s blessing.

Blicky Kitty’s last blog post..Inauguration Day at the Blicky Kitty Homestead

Erm, well, nice of you to add that extra-special Tiggified element to politics.

But may I never see Vladimir Putin shirtless again. 🙂

Jenn’s last blog post..Office Pranks, Pens, and the Shrinkwrap Trap

This post was added to my Live Obama Inauguration Humor Blog Roundup. 🙂

Chris C’s last blog post..Live Obama Inaugural Humor Blog Roundup

Marvel: Hmm, maybe a subject for a future post? As for what tickles my Tiggy, well, I like to keep that quiet.

Evil: Yes, isn’t Putin wonderful? I like him a lot. Please be nice to us. Great guy!

Red: Quite what happened to the sweet little kitteh after that photo was shot… I dread to think.

Etta: Blankie, pacifier… yep, that’s our Steve!

Chowner: I’m not sure what a pederast is. Something to do with feet?

Stephanie: You have to fill in forms? Uhh, that kills the passion somewhat.

Betty: Thanks! I hope you weren’t eating or driving at the time.

Sherry: I’m sorry I had to take you there. Don’t have nightmares!

John: I thought of your comment as I watched the 115th hour of inauguration coverage. You are right, Michelle O could quite easily beat me in a fight. My dream is over.

Jeff: No! Mahmoud is lovely. What a nice guy! Please don’t start a war. Great guy!

Aoi: I’m sorry I failed to turn you on!

Blicky: My money is on Putin and Jammeh. At the same time?
Hmmmm, maybe if they tried that tactic at the UN, they might get somewhere…

Jenn: To be fair, I’ve seen worse. Let’s just be thankful I didn’t choose Gordon Brown.

Chris C: Thanks! Good luck with your live blog, you’re in for a long night!

This post is just plain crazy!

Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”’s last blog post..Wordless Chicken Tuesday … the Longest Bird Beeks in the West & my Title is TOOOO long!

I love your blog, but I still can’t wait till everyone stops talking about Obama! Anyway, I think you would appreciate my sense of humor. If I link to your blog on my blog is there any way you could return the favor? I think we could both get more exposure!

Check it out:

Thanks so much

Scott’s last blog post..Guardian Angel

OK, maybe Ahmadinejad is hot — I don’t know, I’m a guy — but, did you have to dis James Bond? He’s my personal hero, you know…

I was going to be James Bond when I grew up, but, somehow, it never happened. 🙂

DeadRooster’s last blog post..Satan Delivers Cruel Ironic Punishment to Dead Rooster

Lol! 😀 you made me laugh so hard! 😀

Ane’s last blog post..In a rut, that’s where…

Rooster: There’s still time!

Ane: Sorry about that. Hope you’re feeling better soon! 🙂

I love it. A PILF. I’ve got to start using that expression. Can we apply it to presidents of things other than countries, like the PTA or Rotary? I might want to expand my PILF horizons, although I have to admit that the picture of Obama in his swimsuit is rather PILFy. I’m glad I found your blog.

Staci’s last blog post..Got Stuff? So Does Acobay

I love this article. But I am so depressed that all we have is Gordon ‘the gopher’ Brown here in the UK. I dont think that he is on any PILF list 🙁
Thanks for making my evening – very entertaining!

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All I know is that I work at a large biotherapeutic company in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my being. I would love for all my friends and colleagues to vote for Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

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