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Do the mashed potato! And gravy.

1. All My Friends Are Dead


Poor social outcast Freddie! No clues as to the nature of his entire social circle’s demise. Either Freddie has dark secrets and suspicious lumps of meat in his freezer, or his friends simply took their lives en mass after hearing his last album I’m Hiding In Your Wardrobe.

Freddie’s miserable medleys (possibly) include:

* Banned From Facebook Again

* Swingin’ (From The Rafters)

* My Hamster Left Home

* I’m Hiding In Your Basement

* It Tastes Like Chicken, But It Isn’t Chicken

A great party album for wakes and intensive care units! Thanks to Worst Album Covers for their toppermost of the poppermost record collection.

Next time on Hit Parade – Folky Frolics… and Fruit Chutney!


19 Responses to “Tiggy’s Hit Parade – A Dead Good Record”

Just love that album cover and the names of the “hits.”

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: What You’re Seeing on These Trucks Is Amazing Artwork

Love your site, keep up the good work, maybe check out mine when you get a chance and let me know what you think!

Scott’s last blog post..Stuart Scott

I can’t tell you how tempted I am to find this gem and get a copy of my very own.

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..The Impatient Particle

Those songs are hot, but my fave Freddie Gage track has to be “I’m only happy when I’m blocking hats”.

Chowner’s last blog post..Character sketches of the people I always imagined would form my entourage.

Note to people who follow forensic science: This album was found among the collection owned by Jeffry Dahlmer.

Well, hell. Dead folks need to party too, y’know.
Maybe it’s time to resurrect that popular game, “Musical coffins”, or perhaps find a copy of the great song, “A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow casket.”

HumorSmith’s last blog post..The Brown Nose Of Comedy

How much is this great album.. if I order with a credit card will you make the fist payment for me? Thanks for stopping by my blog 😉

dizzblnd’s last blog post..Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!

This still has to be better than “Burl Ives Hums Traditional Catholic Hymns While Masturbating.”

John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer’s last blog post..Superhomo

I swear I ran across this the other day looking for name brand clothes to cut the labels out of at Goodwill.

ettarose’s last blog post..The Best Pranks Ever!

I can’t wait to hear “Banned From Facebook Again”…

Sherry: That front cover is so touching. But I wonder, are all his friends crammed into that one grave he’s looking at? Like a shallow grave…?

Scott: Will be sure to, once I escape from the Tiggyblog dungeon.

Stephanie: Alas, this album is not available on iTunes. Can’t think why.

Chowner: Is that song on the follow-up album “I’m On The Ledge And I’m Not Coming Down”?

Aoi: Somehow, I believe you.

HumorSmith: Rock and Roll will never die! Though I wish country music would.

Dizz: It’s a collector’s item, but I would be glad to accept $100. Signed copy for an extra $50. (Not necessarily signed by Freddie, of course).

John: Oddly enough, that is available on iTunes.

Etta: Your Goodwill store has brand name labels! Wow, how the other half live, eh folks!

Evil: It’s great. “La La La, Poke you with a knife…” jeez, gonna be singing that all night now.

Reminds me of old Jimmy Swaggart records that my parents had. Just as scary.

Unfinished Rambler’s last blog post..The Honky Dancing Convention

Well, this really brightened up my minute. Can’t say the same for Freddie, but a great post nonetheless.


hindleyite’s last blog post..The Sunday Social Networking Special – Get your free comments now!

Rambler: More scary than dear Freddie? I’d like to hear it. Although not alone on a stormy night.

Hindleyite: Thanks for the redditted, whatever that is! I’m sure it’s nice.

Opps I just realized I left a sad face on my comment.. dunno how that happened.. it was supposed to be 🙂 Who do I make my rubber check out to??

dizzblnd’s last blog post..Reader Participation Sunday

Oh Tiggy, I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve been looking for another copy ever since my gecko made off with mine. Do you think the ucrrent owner would be willing to trade it for Bernie Madoff’s “Laughing All The Way to the Bank (in Brazil)”. I have two copies of that one.

Seriously though? Wickedly hilarious. Totally stumbling it, dear.

Nanny Goats’s last blog post..Nanny Goats Creates Frenzy at L.A. Landmark

I prefer Gage’s debut album, “Items Found In My Anus.” It’s considered a classic.

Dizz: It was kinda funny with the sad face. I’m sorry about stopping by! Lolz.

Nanny: If that album is signed in Bernie’s own blood, I’m sure we can do a deal.

C.: I wasn’t too keen on the album cover for that. That poor rabbit.

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