Music fans! Need to brighten up your miserable existence with a jolly jig or a dollop of juicy jazz? Thank the Lord for Tiggy’s Hit Parade!

(Unfortunately, Tiggy doesn’t possess a turntable or any musical knowledge, so all reviews are entirely fictional).

Get jizzy with it!

Cock Pirates

7. Anchor’s Away! Captain Hook and His Pirates

Shiver me timbers and suck me cockles! You’ll will have a scurvy-licious time listening to the Cap’n and his hearty high-seas shanties! Real-life pirate Captain Randy Hook and his first mate Annie MacMuffin welcome you ‘all aboard’ their fantasy ship stuffed to the rafters with friendly pirates and barrels of booty!

Hook’s musical pieces of eight include:

* Pat the Pirate’s Special Sword
* Going Down on the Good Ship Molly
* A Stormy Night and a Rough Ride
* The Tale of Salty Seaman Jack
* A Jolly Roger
* Jig Around My Mast

Kids will also love the FREE eye patch included with this musical marvel, and give them hours of rollicking one-eyed fun. Arrrrrr!

Next time on Hit Parade: The space-time continuum gets all fucked up with a folk singer from… THE FUTURE!


12 Responses to “Tiggy’s Hit Parade: Pirate Pranks and Salty Seamen!”

Please tell me this album includes a version of his classic “The Tale of How I Lost Me Hand”

Yo ho ho and arghhh! I be cravin them sea shanties!

The little girl in the picture looks kinda…weird. I wanna say ‘shaved monkey’….

ha ha ha! oh is that a parrot in your pocket or are you happy to see me

Why yes, thank you. I do need to brighten up my miserable existence. This is perfect.

Chowner: I hope so. Cap’n Hook is so clumsy! If you look at the photo, you can clearly see a huge sword sticking out of his shoulder. What a klutz!

Larew: It’s possibly more aggghhhh than aaaarrrrhh, but I know what you mean.

Evil: I see what you mean. She also has that innocent little “I just pissed myself” look. Cute.

Nooter: I imagine the parrot is rather less happy.

Margaret: Yes, it’s true that worse things happen at sea – here’s the proof!

That Annie MacMuffin in the photo is hot. Like a hot muffin with warm butter and apricot jam dripping all down its sides and onto your face. That kind of hot. And I like her outfit, especially the glasses. I could really use a hot muffin.

OK, I’m not going to suck your cockles, but this does look like a fairly ripping compilation. But where’s “Blow the Man (Down)”?

‘worse things happen at sea – here’s the proof!’
I love it!!

Hey there, just stumbled here looking for info on the trailer park boys movie…. Fucked up funny stuff on here, love it. I’ve bookmarked the site but don’t make me listen to that pirate record, hes fucked.


I’m sure that album sold millions!

Mike: Um, are we looking at the same picture?

JD: ‘Blow the Man (Down)’? That sounds awfully suggestive. No, I don’t think they would be singing that. Goodness, missus, get your mind out of the gutter!

Meg: I think ‘love’ is not quite the right word. ‘feel nauseous’ is better.

2smokes: Welcome! Fucked-up funny is a good thing, right?

Thinkin: It probably did, but how many times was it played? Probably not millions.

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