Only $78.65 to go...

If I had a million dollars, I’d buy you a green dress
And if I had a million dollars, I’d buy you some art
If I had a million dollars, I’d buy you a monkey
If I had a million dollars
I’d buy your love…

So sang popular music group The Barenaked Ladies. Well, it’s alright for them, isn’t it? With their luxury jets, platinum records and gold-plated bongs, it’s easy for rock stars to imagine such fabulous wealth. But in the current financial climate we are all going to have to lower our sights somewhat.

What if I had a hundred dollars? Could I still live a jet-set lifestyle?

Taking an exotic vacation is an everyday task for the rich and famous. I was planning to slip onto a flight to Bermuda disguised as an oversized golf bag. Then I realized it would cost me $60 for a taxi to the airport. And $60 to get back home. That’s $120, dammit!

Magnetic Hill! More fun than, erm...Forget air travel then. What about the bus? Not very glamorous, but if I pretended it was a rock ‘n’ roll tour bus I might just cope. I could pretend the old people were roadies and the lanky students were drug dealers.

Unfortunately, for $100 return I can only get as far as… Moncton, New Brunswick. Bermuda it ain’t. But they do have a magical magnetic hill! I can spend my luxury vacation on a foggy mountain watching cars roll backwards up a slope. Oh good.

Forget a penthouse apartment. Forget a basement bed-sit. Forget a tent – they’re $200! But for $100 you can buy a lot of bin bags and a roll of duct tape. Simply stick them together to create a fabulous tent! You can even add an extension by taping grocery bags together. All the stars will be living in them soon! I’m going to take it on my Moncton camping trip.
I wonder… are bin bags bear-proof? At $3 a roll, I bloody hope so!

Jet-setters never set foot in the kitchen – cooking is for poor people! So how can you eat out every day for months, on just $100? Easy. The cheapest food is found in the school canteen. I’m sure we all have fond childhood memories of school dinners and that plate of succulent meat thing, mashed stuff and grease sauce. Yum!

Invest $50 in a pile of textbooks, a bundle of papers and an unfashionable sweater. Roam the corridors of your local school pretending to be the supply Physics teacher. When the lunchtime bell rings, join the queue for your hearty subsidized feast!

If your disguise is too convincing, you may find yourself in front of a class full of bored teenagers. Simply tell them to open their textbooks at page 132 and read to themselves for an hour, while you hide in the janitor’s shed until home time. That’s what my teachers did!

Bargain bling! And a free key with every purchase.Stuff
$100 isn’t going to buy much stuff. I went to the dollar store to splash out on $1 trinkets and shiny things, but to my horror I discovered everything cost $2! Bastards.

Fortunately, I’ve found the perfect store to load up on bargain gems. Murder Mo’s House Of Bling & Key Cutting While-U-Wait offers glittering collection of stunning jewelry that looks a million bucks, but only costs a few New Brunswick Dollars! Now I can ‘jewel up’ and hang with the beautiful people in the hippest clubs in Moncton, without looking like a cheap idiot! Phew.

So in conclusion, is it possible to live like a jet-setting rock star on $100? Well, unless you live in a bin bag tent in Moncton and spend your days hiding in school sheds wearing plastic diamonds… No.


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I’m digging Murder Mo’s metal eyepatch. I mean, being a one-eyed pirate bling-dealer is cool, but being a one-eyed pirate bling-dealer with a metal eyepatch…


Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..The Washed Up Divas of Today’s Vocabulary

Lol, love it! My school dinners were yummy so I’m going to try that tip!

There’s a similar hill around here. Spook Hill, it’s called. Don’t knock it. It’s worth ten minutes of entertainment at least.

Shawn’s last blog post..Does Not Work Well With Others

I want a magnetic hill! Of course, given that my husband and two of my children are magnetic, too, I wonder if I can peel them away…

Stephanie’s last blog post..WWW: Breathing Life into Characters

$100 buys a lot of Kraft Dinner.

chowner’s last blog post..Mantras used by Donald Trump to help him get through the day.

“cooking is for poor people”


Bin bags and duct tape; now that’s my kind of shelter.

MadMadMargo’s last blog post..WANTED: Husband

Hellz yeah! Murder Mo’s for when you want to bling it out for the ladies and completely lose your depth perception.

Douglas’s last blog post..Phive Phun Photo Captions – Lip Disk

Jenn: He’s the best one-eyed-pirate-bling dealer in Moncton! Others have tried, others have failed.

Meg: There’s free milk at the Kindergarten if you’re into that too.

Shawn: I shall put Spook Hill on my itinerary for my ‘Interesting Hills 2010 Tour’.

Stephanie: Magnetic children? That’s handy. I guess you can stick them to the fridge so you don’t lose them.

Chowner: True but… then you’d have to eat it. Ew.

Evil: Tis true, dat.

Margo: Do you have one? Are they bear-proof?

Douglas: Poor Mo, he lost his eye in an accident. Apparently he poked it out putting his metal eye patch on.

You could always invest in scratch tickets. You could quickly turn that hundred into an even $10 if you’re lucky!

C. Fraser’s last blog post..Top 10 Tips on Creating Lists of Tips

C.: Win $10? I should be so lucky!

We totally dig this blog!

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-Lo and Li

May I also recommend hospital cafeterias for cheap food? You don’t need any props, and they always have the best green beans.

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Ate Some Pea Soup so you don’t have to

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