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Halloween needn’t be Hell this season! Now your kids can spread the word of the Lord while scaring the neighbourhood with these fetching costumes! Lovingly handcrafted at the Convent of the Blind Virgins in Alabama, these beautiful costumes will warm even the coldest of atheist hearts!

* Anoint your own Pope Cute I in this fetching papal gown. He’ll have great fun bestowing Sainthoods and rounding up heretics at the kiddies’ Halloween party.

Gimmie a cookie and I won't excommunicate you!

* Your little Angel will be a vision of purity in the St Agnes of Diphtheria costume! She will be charmed by the story of Agnes, a simple Syrian farm girl who saw a vision of Christ and was promptly beheaded by those dreadful Muslims.

Too cute! Unless you're an angry Muslim with an axe.

Don’t forget your kids’ friends are only laughing at them because they are jealous and sinful! And their parents are probably poor.

Fun for the faithful shouldn’t stop at bedtime! Treat your tots to a set of Evangelical PJs! Available in Bride of Christ or Crusading Infidel Destroyer themes for your innocent little lambs!

Onward Christian soldiers, marching off to beddybyes...

With cute hand-crafted “Righteousness” motifs and a fetching red cross of war, your kids can sleep peacefully knowing the Lord is protecting them through the power of polyester.*

* Not tested against evil spirits or machete-wielding clowns. Highly flammable – do not wear near burning bushes or crosses.


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12 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Have A Holy Halloween!”

LOVE it!!!

“Don’t forget your kids’ friends are only laughing at them because they are jealous and sinful! And their parents are probably poor.”

Hahahahah…I’m laughing so hard I have tears! My “neighbors from hell” would probably kill to get those costumes for their spawn, I mean, angels.

Holy Trick or Treat, Tiggy.

THere’s no way any kids coming to my door would get candy dressed like that!!

Is the crucifix an option?

I’m afraid the little holy rollers would smite me!

FINALLY, some costumes I can appreciate.

Thanks for reminding us what a wholesome holiday Halloween can be.


HA! Oh, too funny. If some kid rings my doorbell dressed as a Holy Crusader, I’ll dump the whole bowl of candy in his bag.
Good one, Tiggy!

I love it! Down here in Texas, I wouldn’t be surprised if those darlings came to my door. I will put on my evil fairy costume and whisk them away. 😉

Those are great! Where in the hell did you find them? 🙂

Do these costumes come with a bulletproof pope mobile for an additional cost? It’s too late now, but maybe next year I’ll dress my cat in one.

My first visit here, love it. Sounds like your kids had a great Hallowe’en. Pope Cute, bet he is only when he’s a sleep, and did St Aggie come home with her head intact this time…

Great post,


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