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Norway - Where the wild hamsters roam.

Ahoy there my fellow cock pirates! Tiggy is going away for a little while. No, not the ‘orange jumpsuit and scrubbing toilets’ type vacation (can I point out all charges were dropped), but I have been invited by Tiggyblog fan Snorri Twotsson to Scandinavia! After reading my guide to Norway, Snorri challenged me to visit his wonderful country where he’s promised to “Teach me a lesson for insulting Norwegians.” I’m looking forward to learning cheeky Norwegian swear words and enjoy some bawdy banter with the locals! I hope he’ll take me on a wild hamster safari in the fjords too. What a lovely guy.

Now everyone play nicely and I’ll be back in June with even more stuff, things and all kinds of rubbish.

Ha det!