Shit. It happens.A friend of mine is really in the shit right now. He has some bad shit to deal with. I don’t like to see my buddies in the shit, so I offer to help him out with his shit. Ease his shit-burden a little. Shit happens, so let’s deal with it. That’s what friends are for, right?

So we shoot the shit and discuss all kinds of shit. Don’t worry, I say. Your shit is my shit, and we’ll work to clean this shit up together. That’s what friends are for.

So I take some of his shit and add to it to my shit. My friend feels the burden of shit lifted from his shoulders. He ends up giving me all his shit. He’s shit free. But now I have all his shit, plus my shit. I’m totally in the shit. My friend then leaves town without his shit. No shit.

Moral of the story: never do anyone else’s shit. It’s their shit. Let them deal with it. You have your own shit. If everyone dealt with their own shit, and left everyone else’s shit alone, we’d all be a lot happier. And a lot less covered in shit.

This post is dedicated to Halifax Harbour.


13 Responses to “Tiggy’s Thought for the Day – In the Shit”

Well damn, if you’re going to collect shit, I’ve got enough for three or four Porto Potties!!

On second thought, I’ll keep my own shit. I know where its been and I wouldn’t do that to anyone..

nipsy’s last blog post..Mardi Gras UnCut

Let me guess, you’re trying to monopolize search traffic on the word “shit,” right? I wish you a shit-load of luck with that. After all, a blog isn’t worth shit without a shit-load of traffic. A lot of people couldn’t give a shit about that, but that’s probably because they’re worrying about other shit. I mean, shit, who doesn’t want a shit-load of traffic?

Joel Klebanoff’s last blog post..N.Y.C. Murderers are Wusses

Other people’s shit, huh? Well, I praise you for thinking about anyone’s shit other than your own. I hope shit doesn’t happen.

chowner’s last blog post..How to tell a major league from a minor league baseball player

Well, shit. I wish I’d known you were going to take on all this shit. I’d have warned you about the potential shit-storm. SHIT! Hey, it’s fun saying, “shit”!!!

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Have Brilliant Ideas so you don’t have to

*adds this post to stumbleupon*

C.B.Jones’s last blog post..Now with 27% more lead paint!

Oooh, stinky!!

I hate when shit like this happens.

phuckpolitics’s last blog post..Journalism at its finest

Shit… This post might make you #1 on Google for shit.

That’s some bad shit, Tiggy!

Guess I’m just shit out of luck for not thinking about writing about shit first. Actually, “Shit!” was my dear departed grandmother’s favorite swear word. I’m sure she wasn’t even aware she was saying it most of the time. We would have been in a shitload of trouble had she heard us say “Shit!”

Larew’s last blog post..I’m off!

Thanks for the comments, folks – they were…shit-tastic!

Why are you saying shit so much? What the fuck!?! I get sick of this cussing shit!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings’s last blog post..My Dinner With Andre the Giant: Part 3 of a 3-Part Series

Stuck in a shitstorm, that’s really shitty luck.

Venom’s last blog post..Gaaah! Not BABY Pictures, Nooooooo!

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