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Tiggy’s Hit Parade: Fingerfuch am Disco Party!

Music fans! Are you illin’ fo’ the shizzle? Need some phat beats for your ride? Check out Tiggy’s Hit Parade!

(Unfortunately, Tiggy doesn’t possess a turntable or any musical knowledge, so all reviews are entirely fictional).

It’s tizzy fizzle! I think.

Oooh! Ricke Low's Orkester!

6. Kjell Kraghe Featuring Ricke Low’s Orkester! Or something!

James Last and his Orchestra too highbrow? Looking for an eclectic Euro pops album with a cool synth vibe? Kjell Kraghe is the genius behind Vind I Selgnbthing, featuring Ricke Low’s Orkester (a bit like an symphony orchestra, but with more hair).

Non-stop Eurozone disco fun includes:

* Ich Bin Sexy Love Boat
* Hot Dog, Hot Dog
* Lumpen Pants Gestuffen
* Hajj Hajj Happy Pis!
* Fingerfuch am Disco Party

The album cover is a work of art! By the wonders of Photoshop wizardry, Kjell-baby appears to be rising from the sea like a polyester-clad Neptune. Es gut, ja!

Thanks to Worst Album Covers for this masterpiece of LP art.

Next time on Hit Parade: Shiver me timbers and lash me cockles… It’s Pirate Pops!