Oh! Tiggyblog is Silly.

A banana, yesterday.

Oooh, you should write a blog, Tiggy.

Because you’re good with words, you put them together in a nice way.
I can’t spell very well, especially big words.

No-one can spell, that’s why they invented Spell Checker.
But aren’t blogs like diaries? I couldn’t put my diary online. I’d get sued.

No, you can write about anything at all. Make it up if you like.
So what are all the other blogs about?

All sorts of things. Technical stuff, hobbies…
I can’t do technical stuff. I can’t look at a laptop without crashing it.

Do you have a particular interest?
Does drinking count?

Not quite… Look Tiggy, you must know a bit about something?
I know very little about everything.

Well there you go. Write very little about everything.

So I will.