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This is How Tiggy Relaxes on Vacation

Ah, the swimming pool... so inviting... or is it?It’s so hot! I must get into that swimming pool and wash off all this sweaty gooey stuff. Hmm, what’s that at the bottom of the pool? It looks like a dark brown shadow. Is it a leaf? Or is it…poop? It kinda looks like poop.

No, if it was poop it would be floating on the surface, right? Unless it’s old. Maybe it has been lurking in the pool for days. Or maybe it’s some really heavy shit, literally. Forget it, I’m not swimming around some crappy pool!

It’s a leaf, it must be. Look Tiggy, everyone else in the pool is splashing around and enjoying themselves. They all look respectable enough. Old ladies with flowery swimming caps doing laps, doting fathers splashing their young kids… no-one fits the profile of a sneaky pool-pooper.
But just to be on the safe side, observe everyone and look for tell-tale stains or guilty looks…

Oh for goodness’ sake, just get in the frigging pool! It’s 97 degrees and your sunburn is so bad it’s starting to crackle. It’s just a bloody leaf!

Oh look, an elderly lady is getting closer to it. Come on lady, closer, closer, COME ON you old bint, step in it for fuck’s sake! Bah, the silly old cow is swimming away. Maybe she saw it. Maybe it was her.

Oh good, a small child running along the deck. Maybe if I can push him in at the right moment… come on you little bastard… No, don’t go for ice cream, I need you for my pool shit analysis!

Maybe I’ll just get in the pool in and take a look; it’s the only way to know for sure. But if I’m already in the pool and it is poop, what then? I’ll be tainted! I could rush out and scrub down in the poolside shower… but God knows what I may find there… those dirty pool poopers can’t be trusted!

Doesn’t anyone else notice it? What is wrong with them? I’m sure I can see more poop. See that brown discoloration around the pool filter? Poop, it’s gotta be poop! I can see fecal matter everywhere! Oh my God, this pool is like a giant toilet! How can people immerse themselves in this SWAMP OF FILTH? What kind of hotel is this? I want to go home, I WANT TO GO HOME!!!

Oh, it is a leaf.


Rainbow Princess – A True Friend

Rainbow Princess - Glittery!

Make your heart smile with Rainbow Princess’s inspiring viral e-mails!

RP1 - True Friend

What is a true friend?
A friend knows your hopes and dreams
But a true friend knows you inside out!
Your friend isn’t always by your side,
But a true friend will always be behind!

A true friend will always be behind!

A true friend will give as much as they receive
And will always lend an ear, a hand or a tongue!
If you’re grumpy, sad or blue
A true friend will always come for you!

How many friends do YOU have?

Kitty BFF!
Are they special?

Or are they disposable?

Something AMAZING will happen to you and your TRUE FRIEND


Eastern Time, that is.


A good friend will bail you out of jail….
A true friend will be with you in your cell!
And will love to share their bunk with you!

Jail is fun with your best freind!

A true friend is a gift from God!
If you don’t send this message to 5 friends
You will make God ANGRY.

Kitty prays for mercy. Bad kitty.
If you don’t have 5 friends, God is already ANGRY with you.

Send your TRUE FRIEND this message!!!
If they don’t return it, they are NOT your friend.

They are mean and spread LIES. And STDs.
You know that itch you’ve had for a while?

I feel sick.
Send THIS MESSAGE to your NEW true friend instead!

NOW! Otherwise that thing I mentioned that is happening tomorrow at 1pm (Eastern time) won’t happen. I mean it.

Beautiful wishes,
Rainbow Princess


Little Tiggy and the Stars

Stage fright? Me?

When I was five years old I became convinced my best friend’s dad was Frank Zappa. I’m not sure how I came to that conclusion. Their surname wasn’t Zappa, there were no guitars or gold records on the walls of their modest townhouse, and Captain Beefheart never joined us for milk and cookies. But my friend’s dad had a big moustache and long hair just like Frank Zappa, so that was good enough for me.

I made another showbiz pal that summer, when my parents took me camping in Scotland. Leaving aside ethical debates about child neglect and whether Social Services should have been informed, I actually enjoyed spending a week camping in a cold, muddy field. And the reason? Billy Connolly was there!

Every evening, soggy campers would gather in the campsite’s musty clubhouse, order pints of Guinness and settle down for a night of music and comedy. And who was providing the entertainment? Why, a tall Scot in a kilt, with long wild hair and a bushy beard! It must be The Big Yin himself! This was better than playing in Frank Zappa’s back yard.

That was him! I think.One night, Billy announced he was to perform a magic trick and needed an assistant. I must have looked like a ginger midget on speed as I pushed my way to the front screaming “Me! Me! Pick me!” He didn’t really have a choice.

“Helloooo! What’s yur name, lassie?”

I was star struck.

“Erm… I… I can’t remember…”

“Hello, I Can’t Remember! That’s a lovely name!”

Billy winked at the giggling audience. My parents looked worried.

“Would ye like to help me perform a wee trick?”

“I don’t know. Is it with fire? I don’t like fire.”

“Well, yees, it does involve me burning a magic pound note… tell ye what, how’s aboot singing a funny song insteed?”

By this point, stage fright had kicked in.

“I don’t know any funny songs…”

Billy was beginning to panic. His assistant was letting him down.

“I know, I’ll sing a song and you can dance! Can ye do that for me, lassie?”

“I… want… Mummy!”

I ran off the stage in tears. I just couldn’t match Billy Connolly’s wit and charm. I’d ruined his show!

Once I stopped sobbing and calmed down, I begged my parents to take a photo of me and Billy, so I could at least brag to the kids at school. They didn’t need to know about my lackluster stage performance. This would leave little Robbie Jones’ photo of him with Cliff Richard in the dust.

My dad couldn’t understand why I was so obsessed with this campsite entertainer.

“He’s Billy Connolly, Daddy! He’s the funny man!”

My dad smiled, grabbed his camera and wisely kept his mouth shut. I’d find out one day.

Just one thought. How did I, at five years old, know so much about foul-mouthed comedian Billy Connolly? It’s a good thing Social Services never found out.



Chinese Whispers – Sparky’s Party

Party Planning - what could go wrong?

I collected my mate Sparky and his trucker buddy Super Dave from the airport following their deportation from China. After going on the run from the local police, the idiots decided it would be a good idea to stow away in a container ship bound for Shanghai. Their illegal residency was rumbled when Super Dave committed a tourist faux-pas during a visit to a sacred shrine. Apparently getting drunk and sitting on an ancient temple roof singing Nickelback songs is somewhat frowned upon by the Chinese authorities.

Mandarin Miss

Sparky not only brought back a suitcase full of fake DVDs and trainers, but he also brought back a girlfriend. May Lau was petite, graceful and blissfully unaware of Sparky’s criminal record. But it wasn’t for me to ruin her romantic dreams. Not that I could explain anyway, as she spoke very little English. Sparky’s command of Mandarin only stretched to items on Mr. Chang’s Noodle House menu. Love would find a way somehow.

Sparky had assured May’s parents he was a successful businessman. He would happily employ May and fill out her immigration forms, no problem. Sparky had also launched a new enterprise to make his fortune – party planning. One lesson his ill-fated spiritual retreat had taught him was that he could put on a damn good party. Flashing lights, pounding music and a bootlegged free-flow bar was all it took. And in the darkness of the disco, guests would never notice that the buffet food had been liberated from the convenience store dumpster. This new career was going to be a breeze, and May was going to help him.

While Super Dave was sent out to flypost the local community hall, May was given a dictionary and instructed to take down bookings. She’d get the hang of English in no time. Sparky went off to the local tavern to spend the afternoon networking with his peers.

Party On

Sparky called me a few days later with the exciting news that they’d taken their first booking at the community hall! The caller needed an event arranging for tomorrow night – it was short notice and May had indicated caller was distressed. Maybe he’d forgotten a relative’s birthday or something. May had cutely described the client’s requirements as a “fun, lol party”. At least she was picking up textspeak. Sparky and Super Dave rushed to the hall with a truck full of disco lights, streamers and illicit beer. Determined not to let his new client down, it was going to be the best party in town!

Are you ready to PARTY?! Possibly not.

The following evening I went over to the community hall to witness the big event. Sparky had not been able to get hold of his client all day as his cell phone had been switched off. What a jerk. But Sparky was confident his client was going to freak out when he walked through the door. Sparky and Super Dave had transformed the dowdy venue into a hip nightclub complete with strobe lighting, baskets of huge balloons and the thumping beats of DJ Frigg, the local lesbian hip-hop artist. Sparky had excelled himself! May’s parents would be so proud of their future son-in-law. I nearly shed a tear.

And Sparky was right. When his client arrived at the hall with his guests he did freak out.

Not a fun, lol party.

A FUNERAL party.

Apparently May is now dating the head chef at Mr Changs’s Noodle House.