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Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Taxidermist

Some Taxidermists are better than others.

4. Taxidermist

Veterinarian for dead animals. Duties include pulling guts from gunned-down moose and posing dead cats in hilarious ‘human-like’ poses.

The vast majority of taxidermists are called Bob.

I’d love to walk into a taxidermist’s studio and say “Hi there Bob, how much to stuff my beaver?”

If anyone has a dead beaver they no longer need, please let me know.


Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Piggle

Some pigs piggling, yesterday.

3. Piggle

Not officially a word. You can piggle your finger at or in something, like a cross between a wiggle and a pig I suppose. Pigs don’t have fingers but I’m sure if they did they would piggle worms out the ground with them.
Do pigs eat worms? I can’t say I’ve noticed.

Alright, I can see why that word isn’t in the dictionary.


Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Defibrillator

Dr. House He So Dreamy

Dr. House rushes to another cardiac emergency

2. Defibrillator

A machine you use to resuscitate a heart attack victim while you pretend to be Dr. House. Don’t forget to shout “Clear!” and make biting yet witty remarks as you zap away. What fun.

Unfortunately it is not a good word to have to use in an emergency.
“Help, this man’s dying over here! Get me the defip… defrim… defuck… Oh, wait. Nevermind.”


Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Flange

Word Of The Day

I reckon I know at least 200 words, maybe even more. Tiggy’s Word Of The Day will feature some of my favourite ones. And maybe some that aren’t so great. Sorry.

(I’m not doing it every day or I will have run of words out by Christmas).

1. Flange

An engineering term for a rim, collar, or ring on a shaft.

Flange shaft. Rim flange. Flange ring. Engineers have a bigger sense of humour than I suspected. Either that or they can discuss flange rings without feeling warm in a special place. And don’t get them started on crack fatigue.