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Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Spain

Spain - Sun, sea, sangria and sex heaven for the over 70's.

9. Spain

Hot country populated entirely by old people.

Invented by the Spanish, Spain is famous for sun, sea and Sangria, a traditional cocktail of red wine, Sunny Delight and brake fluid.

He's from Barcelona! Probably.Famous Spaniards include Renault Picasso, Manuel from Fawlty Towers and possibly Oates from top 80s rockers Hall and Oates, who looks a bit Spanish with that moustache.

A popular Spanish pastime is Bull Fighting which I believe is a lot like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Great fun for kids.


They love clacking their big castanets over at


Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – REM

Shiny Happy People

      Athens Rockers REM are absolutely delighted to hear they’ve been featured on Tiggy’s Word Of The Day.

8. REM

Vegetarian band enjoyed by the elderly.

In the early days REM played gigs in greasy pizza joints and were paid in discarded crusts and shredded cheese. The following week they landed an $8 billion recording contract and bought a helicopter.

Interesting fact: lead singer Michael Stripe is a certified Taxidermist (but steers clear of doing fish as he can’t quite get the eyes right).

It is State Law in Wisconsin to play Everybody Hurts at funerals.


Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Teetotal

Beer and boys - ewww!

Great Aunt Tiggylina Butternut-Mynge and her Temperance Society chums eagerly await World War I.

7. Teetotal

The superhuman ability to abstain from all alcoholic beverages.

I tried being teetotal once. I went to a bar and drank only tomato juice. I drank so much I spent the rest of the night vomiting bright red fountains of spaghetti sauce. Even worse, I was sober enough to remember it.

Kids, just say NO to vegetable-based liquid refreshments.



Tiggy’s Words Of The Day – Spong & Tofu

Two whole words of the day, you lucky people! I must be on happy drugs.

A jolly farmer attends to his lovely flowers.

5. Spong

A real word. And you thought piggle was made up. Referring to “irregular, narrow, projecting part of a field” I believe it is also the sound tofu makes when you poke it with a fork.

If Tofu was called Spong they would sell a lot more of it.


6. Tofu A tofu disguised as a spong.

A tasteless wobbly substance with a texture similar to the stuff you find clogging household drainpipes. Curdled bean scrapings are compressed to form mattress-sized slabs of quivering goo. Springy enough to use as a mattress but usually chopped up and put into vegetarian products instead of real food.

The Tofu marketing department missed a trick by not calling it Spong.