Mrs. Davies’ class has been learning all about healthy eating, inspired by top TV chef Jamie Oliver. The children decided to write to Jamie and tell him about their favourite healthy foods. How sweet!


Kids really are getting more stupid.

Aren’t children such little angels? Merry Christmas Tiggyblog readers!


8 Responses to “Kids Say the Funniest Things: Dear Jamie Oliver”

You are evil but very funny Tiggy. ;)I imagine poor Jamie Oliver reading these letters with a look of horror on his face. Jonathan makes a good point about fish.
Happy Holidays!!

ummmm…..Hitler cheese?!? LMAO!

I think Sarah’s poem is very sweet. It is good that she still likes ham even though it keeps her up in the night instead of her scary uncle. It has taken her mind off of that horror, and for that, she should be appreciative of Jamie.

Happy Merry Christmasn New Year Tiggers!

This is funny! Merry Christmas to you.

Dear Jamie, I have a question: I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? 🙂

You’re random, but you’re fucking funny, Tiggy. I guess I’ll just keep dropping in hoping for find a laugh or two.

Thank you for this laugh out loud moment!

Oh Lord, the ginger hair comment made me lol!

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