Frigging Mafia.Dear readers, it’s been a while… a bloody long while since I posted anything. I’ve received literally several e-mails asking on my whereabouts, am I still alive, do I need bail money etc. Well thanks, but no. My problem has been of a more sinister kind – THE MAFIA!!

Yes folks, it seems my innocent little blog caught the attention of a shady underworld mob somewhere in Russia. Incensed by my poor grammar and constant piss-taking of Meat Loaf, those cold-hearted dons decided that my blog must disappear. From some dingy basement in Moscow, a team of ruthless Mafia hackers decided to take it apart and TAKE IT DOWN. They trashed it, burned it, pissed on the flames with their vodka-infused urine causing the flames to get higher and burn a bit more… until there was nothing left but a charred, defiled cinder of a website. Those BASTARDS!

Either that or I forgot to renew my web hosting account, I’m not entirely sure.

But anyway, having now single-handedly defeated the Russian mob, I guess it’s time to get on with it and write some ruddy posts! Bugger.


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Yay! Tiggyblog’s back! Now I can get back to incorperating it into my internet OCD routine.

P.S. Good job with those Russian mobsters!

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I’ve got the Al Qaeda after me. They’re probably in on it with the Russians, no doubt.

YAY! Glad you’re back. Those web hosting sites (and the Mafia) are a pain in the arse.

Woot! Tiggy’s back!

Welcome back tiggy!

Yay! I’m back, apart from yesterday, when I had a little visit from my Balkan mobster pals. After a pleasant chat and an exchange of cash, they removed the electrodes and all is well again!

O! Watch what your saying about the Mafia, they eat bloggers for breakfast!!


You just reminded me to renew my account. Thank you, and I’m sorry.

Glad to have you back.

Are you sure it was the Mafia?? 😉

The Mafia sounds a lot better than forgetting to pay a bill, so I’m sticking with that. I’m glad you’re back. Your posts always delight me while making me dejected about my own inferior capablities. Oh, Tiggy, you’re a cruel mistress.
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