Hey kids, it’s time for an end-of-the-year TiggyPops quiz! Grab a pencil and paper, pour yourself a large vodka and see if you’re Top of the Pops!

Trust me, the vodka will help.

1. Which toe-tapping hit song was featured in Tiggy’s Hit Parade?
A. Kjell Kraghe – Haj Haj Happy Pis!
B. The Butter Fucks – Grease Fire Fantasy
C. Man Without Hats – We Haven’t Found Our Hats Yet
D. Billy Frig and the Twatanauts – Kill All the Pies

2. The main ingredient of Tabouli is:
A. Fire
B. Brains
C. Sandwiches
D. Tabouli

Buy? Sell? Huh?3. In a bear economy, is it better to
A. Buy Meatloaf
B. Sell Meatloaf
C. Meatloaf is not in my portfolio
D. I don’t understand the question

4. For Christmas, Tiggy wants:
A. A helicopter ride
B. A balloon ride
C. Ride me big boy, like the big hairy slut you are
D. Tiggy can want all she likes, Santa ain’t coming

5. Where is the best place to hide your stash?
A. Under your boss’s desk
B. Under your boss’s grandmother
C. In a small child’s birthday cake
D. I have no idea what you’re talking about

6. When in Rome:
A. Do as the Romans do
B. Do as some Romans do, but not all of themRock and Roll Pudding. Part 3.
C. Fuck the Romans
D. Rome is not on my travel itinerary

7. Which CD would Tiggy most like to find in her Christmas stocking?
A. Paddy “P-Doggy” Roberts – Songs for Gay Dogs
B. The Butter Fucks – Lard is my Lube
C. Monty O’Drizzle and the Steak Suckers – I Told Ya Meat Is Useful
D. Meatloaf – Is It a Prune or Is It a Plum (Rock and Roll Pudding Part III)

8. What is the best superhero power to have, apart from a Super Trike?
A. Super vision
B. Super strength
C. Super noodles
D. Super balls

9. What was the least appetizing food product reviewed on Shopping Bizarre?
A. Panda flavoured twigs
B. Twig flavoured pandas
C. Meatloaf
D. What the fuck is with all these Meatloaf references

10. What is the worst job Tiggy ever had?
A. Porn Art Movie Director
B. Repulsive Hooters girl
C. Prawn strangler
D. Genial television host of That’s My Cock


Mostly As
Congratulations! You got most of the answers right. Have a cake! Or some LSD.

Mostly Bs
You got some right, but I suspect you guessed your way through a lot of this. I mean, the answer to question #3 is B? Seriously?

Mostly Cs
You’re not very good at quizzes, are you?

Mostly Ds
You’ve not been paying the slightest bit of attention to this blog. You owe the “Mostly A” guys a cake. And LSD.

Happy holidays!


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Got any purple micro-dot?

Happy New Year!
.-= MadMadMargo´s last blog ..That Was The Year That Was =-.

Indeed, what IS it with all the meatloaf recipes? As if I wasn’t already hungry thinking about TiggyPops (how many licks to get to the center?), now I’m craving loaves of meat.

Well, regardless, I won. Where’s my LSD?

.-= JD at I Do Things´s last blog ..I Hate That Lady so you don’t have to =-.

So, you’re saying that if I answer “A” to all the questions, I’ll be your new BFF? Works for me… I think the correct answer is “A”. Now, how soon do my cake and LSD arrive?

Happy New Year!
.-= CatLadyLarew´s last blog ..All You Need is LOVE! And HOPE! =-.

You have a great site here. I have a site myself where people come from around the world to debate on popular issues. I’d like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between us. If you would like to, please leave a comment under my “Compadres” page letting me know when you’ve added my link and I’ll return the favor.

Keep up the good work.


Here’s hoping you’re doing okay, Tiggy. I haven’t seen your cartoon noggin around the social media much and got worried you were inadvertently barbecued by your own meat-loving characters or something.

I’m craving meatloaf now but I can’t look at a stick of butter without blushing. Time to call my therapist. Thanks a lot, Tiggy.
PS- When you strangle shrimp, how do you find their throats?

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