Christmas Joy from Rainbow Princess!

And now, a beautiful viral e-mail poem celebrating the joy of the season, from our very own Rainbow Princess!


Holiday season is a time of wonder
A child’s happy smile, a jolly Santa
Buy cheap Cialis click here now
Or a juicy turkey with all the trimmings!

The reindeer prance through the snowy eve
Have you been a good boy and girl this year?
See what’s in your Christmas stocking
Live cam sluts in tiny panties!




Carol singers gather round the tree
Buy Viagra going cheap
Colourful lights twinkle in the night
You are the 1,000th visitor click here now

Christmas pudding cheap Viagra
Live cam reindeer tiny panties
Cialis turkey buy one here
What wonderful, happy Christmas cheer!


Love and generic meds,
Rainbow Princess


7 Responses to “Rainbow Princess: A Christmas Wish”

Hmmm…looks like you’ve had an interesting source of inspiration. Or a friend with a definite problem. Good luck with that.
.-= nonamedufus´s last blog ..Hockey Puck For Head of State? =-.

Aggghh! Make it stop! That is some bad poetry. 😉

Bwahahah. You must be suffering from too much spam exposure too. After deleting enough of it, it kinda sticks in your brain like gum on dentures. At least you did get a funny post out of it.

Hey, have you been reading my emails? It would be perfect if you could get that line “You are the 1000th visitor click here now” to flash repeatedly.
.-= Surfie´s last blog ..Christmas Ornaments =-.

Hilarious poem, and I sympathize with you on the pornification of Christmas.
.-= MikeWJ at TooManyMornings´s last blog ..Guns Are 2009’s Hot Christmas Gift, But Ammo’s As Scarce As Zhu Zhu Pets =-.

Noname: I think you’re right on both counts.

Evil: Make it stop? I wish I could! I’m afraid once the Princess gets her muse, there’s no stopping her. You should see her poem about puppies…

Leeuna: My old granny reckons getting spam stuck on your dentures is even worse.

Surfie: And you don’t think Princess’s poem is seizure-inducing enough without flashing lights?

MikeMJ: Pornification. I like that word. I’m going to challenge myself to somehow include it in my next company sales report.

Poetry, color coordinated AND it has semblance of rhyme too!
This is just precious. Keep writing and you’ll discover there is more than just prostitutes and booze to think about.
There’s viagra, divorce court and having your mug shot on the local news still to come.
.-= Thavage´s last blog ..Hillary has better hair, but he’ll win the walk off =-.

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