If I'm honest, I really have no idea what this is.

Beer drinkers! Do you enjoy spending the day consuming your body weight in hoppy alcoholic products – I know I do! Don’t want to waste your precious drinking time or money on food? Fortunately those boozy boffins in Japan have been working on a super new bar snack that satisfies all your nutritional needs!

Happy Panda-Seal Yummy Beer Twigs are fashioned from shards of ancient cherry trees grown in the shadow of Mount Fuji. Each stick is delicately flavoured with tasty Teriyaki whale and a hint of Kyoto extract. One pack contains all the goodness your liver and digestive system desperately crave!

* Those 24-hour booze binges will be a breeze with just a handful of Beer Twigs – you’ll have enough energy to drink all night! Laugh at your fast-food stuffed friends as they vomit their undigested burgers all over the street.

* Beer Twigs are perfect for those wilderness campsite drinking sessions – you can even use them to start your camp fire! Simply rub two sticks together to spark an instant flame (remove from mouth before attempting to light).

* Beer Twigs can also be used as hamster bedding, loft insulation, or glue them together to create your own beer twig Bonsai tree! Ahhh so!


7 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre: Happy Panda-Seal Yummy Beer Twigs”

Those are the creepiest mascots I have ever seen. Nothing says “Buy Me!” like a seal body with a panda head, cartoon-y human arms, and whiskers that make the lipsticked face look like a poor attempt at drag. But I guess the mug of beer is what people will REALLY notice.
.-= Surfie´s last blog ..Pumpkin Shortage? Noooooo! =-.

Mmm Panda Seal Beer Twigs, I’ll be craving those…not! 😉

.-= Ed Adams´s last blog ..Dr. Dragonlady and How I Got FIRED. =-.

Ooooo. You got me craving twigs and sticks. I just ate my Christmas tree.
.-= Leeuna´s last blog ..Thanksgiving and a few of my favorite things =-.

Surfie: It’s the disconnected human arm aspect of the seal-panda I find the most disturbing.

Evil: If they’re good enough for endangered aquatic transvestites, they’re good enough for me!

Ed: What, indeed. Look at those arms! Agghhh!

Leeuna: Now there’s an idea – edible Christmas trees! Don’t throw out up that pathetic-looking tree after the holidays – simply heat and eat!

Just wanted to say I love reading tiggyblog (yep I’m at work, I need something to keep me sane)….. Keep up the outstanding work!

Wonderful blog!!!

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