Goodbye Fido, hello Margarita!

Do you love PIZZA? Do you want to make some extra CASH? Of course you do! Simply install an authentic Italian hand-crafted Pizza-O-Torium in your garden – it’s two small businesses in one!

* Set up your own pizza business by delivering fresh wood-fired pizzas to your neighbours! Keep costs down by hiring young children with bicycles to deliver your tasty pies – their ignorance of employment laws will save you $$$!

* Give family pets the send-off they deserve by offering grieving families a “Pets-Away” cremation service with your fiery furnace. As a treat for tearful kiddies, throw them a pizza party after they say goodbye to Fluffy!*

*Pizza-O-Torium is only suitable for hamsters, cats, and spaniels. Larger animals may require prior disassembly before cremation.


17 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Pizza-O-Torium”

wha.. ? what is this, some kind of nazi death camp starter kit for the neighborhood bully? pizzas i get, but that other thing…

Sign me up for two!!

What a great idea! Actually, I think we already have one here. Some of the pizzas this guy pulls from the oven taste just like dead pets. Especially, the anchovie…
You could always take your veterinarian a specialty pizza made exclusively for him from one of your former pets. What a great way to say “thanks doc.”

It was rumored that the Pizza-O-Torium was the last infomercial Billy Mays filmed and is do to release late September.


Gross, but very funny! Don’t tell the Shamwow guy, he’ll be selling pizza-o-torums next. 🙂

hamster pizza sounds odd, but everything tastes great on pizza.

I bet it’s only $19.99 right? And if I order within the next 30 minutes… Cuz we can’t do this all day, you’ll throw in a second one for free! Just pay shipping and processing (which coincidentally is $19.99) right?

Say no more! I’m sold!

This could make the back-yard barbecue totally obsolete. Pure cutting edge technology is what it is. I am impressed.

That is what I call a PLAN!!!!

“prior disassembly”–I love it!

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I loves my pizza, but mostly I think it’d be a fun and rewarding career to incinerate cats.

This is disgusting…hilarious but disgusting.
I’ll take one!

Why not chop up the dead pets and put them on the pizzas?

What kind of pizza? Pup-peroni? Pineapple and ham-ster?

Nooter: ‘Nazi Death Camp Starter Kit’ – don’t be giving those KKK nutjobs any ideas!

Jeff: Two? My, there’s a lot of dying pets in your area.

Red: I’m sure the vet would appreciate it. It’s a kind thought.

LOTGK: Poor Billy, he certainly saw the wrong side of the crematorium recently.

Meg: It’s the logical next step from the Slap Chop.

CB: I’m sure in some Latin American countries, hamster pizza is right up there with the Hawaiian and Margarita.

SiteInsights: Buy two and we’ll throw in this FREE totally-unrelated-to-the-product travel light!

Leeuna: As experience tells us, you cannot cremate dead pets on a barbecue. it just doesn’t work.

Daddy: I’m full of ’em.

Kathcom: So I can put you down (pardon the pun) for a Pizza-O-Torium? Don’t forget about that free travel flashlight!

Lameplay: Flattery will get you everywhere. I’m on it!

MikeMJ: Sounds like the purr-fect job!

Evil: No problem, you’ll be munching Margaritas and toasting terriers in no time!

John: A brilliant use of time and resources. I imagine deceased goldfish would be particularly tasty atop a pie.

Chris: I like your way of thinking!

Ha ha…Sounds like a great plan to make money!

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