Oh deer!

Hunters – do you have piles of dead deer blocking up your lodge entrance? Devoid of ideas on what to do with your bloodied bounty? All stuffed out with the Do-It-Yourself Taxidermy kit? Thank goodness someone has created this fabulous DVD packed with ideas to – yes – process that deer!

Featuring step-by-step instructions from leading deer processing experts Monty O’Drizzle and his assistant Bob Nutter, you too can get that decaying deer cut and shut before sundown!

* Slash, slice and dice with confidence as you transform your bucket of buck into a bountiful feast of burgers, pies and sausages. You’ll be such a culinary hit even your tree-sucking vegetarian friends will be gorging on bloody steaks in no time!

* Monty and Bob demonstrate 101 uses for a deceased doe and create accessories for your truck and trailer, stunning costume jewellery, a children’s bouncy castle and a replica of the late Charlton Heston!

– Don’t forget to order the slash-happy duo’s other entrail-taining DVDs including

* Beaver BBQ Blow Out
* Black Bear to Biofuel In Three Easy Steps
* You Hit The Cat, Now What?

So grab your rifle and get blasting!


13 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Process That Deer!”

And they Vince was a sales whiz. Ha! He’s got nothing on you Tiggy. In a pitch-off, you’d make him look like a washed-up, hooker biting moron.

Chowner’s last blog post..How Meatloaf came to realize what he would, and wouldn’t, do for love.

I can’t wait to see Ron Popeil’s infomercial for this one.

Wonder what the tag line will be…

Gut it and forget it!

Gut a doe, save some dough!

Order now, and get five pounds of chewin’ tobacc-y free!

moooooog35’s last blog post..Motivational Filler – Nature’s Fury

While I don’t have much use for a home deer processing video, “You Hit that Cat, Now What” will come in very handy.

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Was a 10-Year-Old Stylista so you don’t have to be

I’m almost embarassed to ask this but…I left my aunt in the attic over the weekend. Long story short, does this work on cranky octogenarians too?

Douglas’s last blog post..Phive Phun Photo Captions – Prince Charles at the Vatican

Note to self:

Also do not want to meet anyone that thinks this is a good idea.

Stephanie’s last blog post..Manipulation

I know some guys who sadly would love this.

I was thinking the same thing as Jeff. In our neck of the woods (how do woods have a neck, shouldn’t it be the plural? wood would be singular, right), that would be a big seller. Probably is (in Pa., I mean).

Unfinished Rambler’s last blog post..Don’t know much about beadwork, black hair, Boston or bowling, but that, hmmmm…

you can never have too many antlers in your car

Sam’s last blog post..A New Low For Schwarzenegger

I ordered Beaver BBQ Blowout and was *highly* disappointed in the content.

Shawn’s last blog post..My Japanese Job Interview

Wow. I knew my shiny new Slap Chopper would come in handy. Oh hell, and my Shamwow? I can wipe up the blood with that! Oh, thanks Tiggs. This is a great day!!!

RedRaider’s last blog post..What’s A Few Bucks When It’s Wasted?

I just put mine on a stick and roast it over the fire – roughage, you know?

Mike’s last blog post..The Roast of Me.

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