Fields of green.

High there! Today is 4/20, or World Cannabis day, the annual celebration of the plant George Washington instructed us to “sow… everywhere!”
But before you fire up that bong in celebration, beware! The Man has deemed the cannabis plant is evil and illegal, and you don’t want to upset all those criminals making money from the war on drugs oil industry pharmaceutical companies alcohol industry respectable law-abiding citizens, do you?
So where to hide your outlawed herbal horde?

Really bad places to hide your stash

Socks: Hiding those precious buds in an old pair of socks may seem foolproof. But your socks will smell skunkier than a Snoop Dogg tour bus. And one day you will need those socks. They will be the only clean socks available on the morning of that important job interview. Or you’ll have to fashion them into sock puppets to entertain a group of small children at a birthday party. It happens.

I wonder… Sock puppets + weed = Idea for The Muppet Show?

Cakes, Muffins and ‘Special’ Scones: Bad idea. An innocent chocolate hash cake could easily end up in the wrong mouths, and devoured by a group of small children at a birthday party. Or at the County Fair Bake Sale. To be honest, a County Fair Baked Sale would be a lot more fun.

Underpants: Never store your stash in your underpants, particularly if a) it is a very hot day and b) you are intending to sell your wares to passersby.

Erm, it was somewhere over there...Industrial Hemp: Do not attempt to grow weed in an industrial hemp field. You may think you’re being cunning, but consider a) how you are going to find your crop in a field full of identical plants, especially if you’re stoned and b) hemp plants will savagely fornicate with and pollinate your precious plant, rendering it about as potent as a privet hedge. You’d get higher smoking your socks.

A hole in the ground: Something will get to your stash before you. Worms like to get high too! Imagine if you were a worm, grubbing around in mud all day. You’d have nothing to look forward to in life except digging holes, more mud, and then being yanked out of the ground by a starling.

Can you imagine bumping into a bag of weed? Wow! A quick sniff and you’d be floating around your wormhole composing cool worm music, inventing magical mud-powered flying machines…then some gardening dick would slice you in half with a spade.
Then they’d be two of you! Trippy.

I wonder… is that how Cheech and Chong happened?

Really good place to hide your stash

Inside Billy Bob Thornton’s latest CD: It’s not like anyone is ever going to open that.

Dog Treats: Store your stash inside a box of meaty treaty Yummy Bones. In the event the cops arrive with their sniffer dogs, the slobbering bastards will seek out and devour the crunchy canine cookies… along with all the evidence!
I don’t know why cops like Yummy Bones, but there you go.

In an old coffee jar wrapped in plastic and hidden under a brick by the garage door: It works for me.

Howdy neighbour, I found this under my deck! Thanks!Your neighbour’s house: The respectable couple next door with the neat lawn and shiny RV won’t notice if you hide your stash under their deck. They’d never be suspected of having weed on their premises! Unless your neighbours are Cheech and Chong. Or Willie Nelson. Or Marc Emery. Or school teachers. Or NASA scientists. Or humour bloggers. Or…

Happy 4/20 everyone! I’m off to join the celebrations outside, where I can see flashing red and blue lights outside my garage door. It must be a parade or something.
Same time next year, stoners!


19 Responses to “4/20 Day: A Place For Your Stash”

You know I am usually up on the cool celebrations and I am pissed that I missed this one. Well not really missed but if I write about this would that be stealing? 😉 Damn it I am not ready for this, I am out of the Ganja weed arrrgh!

ettarose’s last blog post..Hey! Get your balls out of my face!

All good ideas. It’s too bad I don’t smoke the stuff, but maybe I will now…Thanks!

Mary M.’s last blog post..Gourmet Anyone?

hahaha it’s too bad I can’t celebrate anymore

sam’s last blog post..Crazy Girlfriend Gets Revenge

Great tips! How do you know what Snoop Dog’s tour bus smells like? 😉

I didn’t know there was a “special” day for cannabis recognition. Hell, I recognize it much more than that!

RedRaider’s last blog post..Goodbye Comfort Food. Hello Size 34’s

Really enjoyed this post, not a big dope smoker, just on occasions! if today is national cannabis day then that calls for a celebration.

I bought one of those hollowed out shaving cream containers years ago. They rule.

Funny story, one time I made cookies and didn’t tell my mother in law what the special ingredient was–hilarity ensued.

chowner’s last blog post..The fortune cookie factory

Well you learn something new everyday!

That sock thing totally happened to me.

Um. I’m out of weed. Can I substitute Vicodin for 4/20 Day?

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Remembered Prudence’s Birthday so you don’t have to (but you should have)

I hide any narcotics inside my man-servant’s anus, for no-one will ever dare go near that.

Unfortunately, nor do I, so I have remained disappointingly drug-free.

Lord Likely’s last blog post..Prime Suspect

I surprised to see that more people didn’t blog about 4/20! I say legalize the stuff…the world would be a happier place!

thinkinfyou’s last blog post..The Battle of My Anus

[…] a couple ideas on where you could hide your stash.  […]

Due to short-term memory loss, I failed to celebrate.

MadMadMargo’s last blog post..Wacky Wednesday! – Earth Day

Worms like cannabis? Ah, no wonder the wildlife round our way has been acting a bit weird recently.

hindleyite’s last blog post..Fun things to do with fish fingers

Hey guys, thanks for the responses! I hope you enjoyed the cake I personally brought round to your houses. And the pony ride in Argentina we all went on. And those purple flying hamsters that followed us, wow, they were cool, weren’t they?

Erm… That did all happen, didn’t it?

I once got really confused when I hid my weed in my socks and ended up with really hungry feet. But they wouldn’t go anywhere to get food, just wanted to watch Ghostbusters over and over.

Miles Gordon’s last blog post..There is creepy…

HA! Love this post!

I don’t know if you caught last Sundays Family Guy but they broke into song and dance, “Everything’s Better With A Bag Of Weed!”

I grabbed the video before FOX had it taken down from all teh social video sites.

I’ll add the link in teh LinkLuv for ya. 😛

MacBros’s last blog post..Everything Is Better With A Bag Of Weed!

LMAO! I’m still laughing about the Billy Bob CD! I would get one to hid my stash in, but I can’t find it anywhere!

Kirsten’s last blog post..Public Service Announcement for Brooke Sheilds

lol good sense of humor. Worms like to get high too? how do you know that? anyway i’m sure this will be useful to others out there.

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