Next life, he's coming back as a fish dick.

You think you’re having a bad day? Maybe you got to work hoping for a peaceful day surfing the internet, but your boss slapped a pile of work on your desk that will last you until retirement.

Worse than that? Maybe your Aunt Lucy’s life support machine was switched off by mistake. Before she’d changed her Will to leave you a million bucks. That’s bad.

Worse still? You ran over Aunt Lucy’s cat, got fired from your job for spending all day surfing the internet, then got hit by a truck and are now hooked up to life support. That’s pretty bad.

But it could be worse. You could be Sam the Catfish. This is his lousy day story.

I’m watching a TV documentary about some dicks going fishing in a lake in Brazil. These two idiots are chucking in their line or whatever the angling term is, when one of them gets a bite. He excitedly yanks out the line to reveal a wriggling, angry catfish! I’ll call him Sam. I’m not sure if his name really is Sam, but it seems like a good name for a catfish. Anyway, poor Sam is struggling on the line. A bad day for a fish, you think. But get this – half of Sam’s body is missing! The lake is full of fuckin’ piranhas, and Sam’s the lunchtime sushi special!

“Oh dear,” chuckles one of the fishing dicks. “Looks like our supper’s already half eaten!” Poor Sam is half the fish he was this morning, and these guys think it’s funny! But at least Sam has escaped the piranhas…

“Thank goodness!” thinks Sam. “I’ve been rescued from that vicious mob of fish! There is a God after all… ohhhh… uhhhh… where am I…can’t breathe… no… water… oh no… fish dicks!!!”
Not only is Sam suffocating to death, he is also about to get his head smashed in and served for supper. His bad day can’t get any worse, can it?

“Oh, this fish is no good,” dick one says.
“You’re right. Better release the poor fella,” dick two suggests.
Good idea chaps! Throw Sam BACK into the water!
“Fuck.” thinks Sam.

That is what you call having a bad day.


8 Responses to “And You Think You’re Having a Bad Day”

From bad to worse to.. uh… worser. LOL.

John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer’s last blog post..Heaven Might Seek Bailout

Poor Sam.

Not only were there pirhanas and fishing dicks, but his entire crappy day is being shown on TV. Talk about embarassment.

Joe’s last blog post..Loaded with Porky Goodness

Did you share that story just for the halibut? OK, OK, I’ll stop carping.

nonamedufus’s last blog post..Auf Wiedersehn, Entre Card


Its a good thing Sam’s brain is really just a big clump of nerve cells so he’s probably not thinking anything more than “this is slightly unpleasant. Where’s the water? I want a worm.”

I’d be pissed if my dinner was half eaten too.

Although I hear that pirranha are good eatin…. even better when stuffed with catfish!

Mike’s last blog post..Motivational Poo

When I go to work, I often get my ass chewed off. I’ll start calling that being Sammied.

mydailylist’s last blog post..Mydailylist Quiz: Are you a 19th century British author or a 21st century starlet?

I don’t think I’ll be eating any catfish anytime soon!

ReformingGeek’s last blog post..Can I Have Your Keys Next Time?

Ah, the circle of life…and death.

Unfinished Rambler’s last blog post..Unscheduled Road Trip: Niagara Falls

This little guy looks tweaked out of his mind.

Tina’s last blog post..The Atheists Made Me Do It

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