Hugh Laurie... ahh, the memories.The time has come, dear readers, for me to share my Hugh Laurie anecdote. When I was 15, me and my friend Sarah saw him NAKED. Well… ok, he was wearing underpants. But they were very tight underpants.

Beads of sweat trickled down Hugh’s manly chest and his sky-blue eyes glistened in the gloom.
“Oh, Hugh!” I sighed.
“Come here, big boy!” drooled Sarah
“Oooooh!” swooned the other 1,200 people sitting in the theatre.

Well… ok, we were watching Hugh in a West End play. Maybe not the intimate encounter I would have liked, but at least Sarah and I had the best seats in the house! We were so close to the stage we could practically lick him. I’m sure Hugh could feel the love emanating from our hot young bodies as he bound towards us in all his manly glory.

Hugh performing on stage in his smalls was, for us, the female equivalent of visiting a strip club. We learned a lot about the wonder of womanhood that afternoon, I tell you! Mmmm, damp.
Mr. Laurie has a new legion of female fans since House took over every TV channel in the galaxy. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I forget the good doctor is a fictional character…

The doctor will see you now... but not THIS one.Does this ever happen to you? You go to the doctor with a bizarre mystery illness which is a bit like Lupus but isn’t Lupus. You secretly hope you’ll get referred to the crotchety blue-eyed hunk for an intensive course of hands-on treatment. Dr. House may even need to treat you wearing just his underwear! It will be worth bleeding from every orifice just to get an anal probe from Dr. Sexy.

Unfortunately, by the time you’re laying on the examination table with your naked bum in the air, you remember Dr. House isn’t real. Instead, you end up getting prodded by a burly Russian with a white coat and hairy hands, who studied medicine while awaiting his murder trial. There’s no House in this doctor.

Just me then? Oh well. At least I didn’t have Lupus.


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“Mmmm, damp.”

Dood. That made the post.

Mike’s last blog post..A Used Tampon in my Truck!

me <—–JEALOUS! 😛

chat blanc’s last blog post..I can&rsquo;t even stand me anymore

LOL….I can honestly say that my only experience with a hunk of a doctor was when I was 22 and had my wisdom teeth pulled. Yikes this guy was Barbie Ken and his smile was definitely what would be considered a ‘Panty remover’. The negative of that scenario was that they put you under a slight sedation and to this day I have no clue what I have said to this guy while he was yanking out my teeth…I do know that I must have said something because for some very strange reason I actually bumped into him 3 days later and he pulled his truck over to ask me how I was doing and told me to call him anytime. So I was dreaming about guess who for quite some time after that.
Oh..he was married 🙁 to a beautiful women also. But hey dreams are legal & cool…they are like posters…they are there just for you…when ever you want them:)

Have a great day!

Dorothy L’s last blog post..

I fully comfortable with manhood to admit when another man is good looking. But Hugh Laurie? Really?

chowner’s last blog post..Baseball Camp

I have never seen an episode of House. Will I be banned from this blog? Would it help if I told you I was married to someone who was the living spit of Orlando Bloom (in the right light) only with denim blue eyes?

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..JD’s Pain

While I think all the world of Mr. Laurie’s comedic talents– from Thicky-Thick George in Blackadder to Bertie Wooster and his general skit stuff…

I have to agree with Chowner… I don’t really consider Hugh Laurie a looker.

He had nice blue eyes, but otherwise… I think I’ll continue my crush on David Tennant.

Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..The Day I Hydroplaned Without a Car

Mike: I pity the poor theatregoers after us!

Chat: Nuh nuh nuh. 😉

Dorothy: I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed soon… fingers crossed for Barbie Ken!

Chowner: So tell me, who floats your todger-boat?

Stephanie: Never seen House? I think there’s a chap in Mumbai who has never heard of it either. Orlando Bloom sounds like a Floridian algae, you think?

Jenn: David Tennant,oooh! I must tell you about my David Tennant anecdote…

I think it’s rather funny how Hugh Laurie is becoming a “heartthrob” with some of his House viewers. Like Jen also mentioned above, I too still remember him as George from Blackadder (Best sitcom ever… well, live-action sitcom, anyway.)

Ryan Garns’s last blog post..Grunt: The Latest In Micro-Micro-Media

I was huge fan of House through the first two seasons… Then it started to suck. Haven’t watched it since.

John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer’s last blog post..White Hunter, Bad Aim

Blue eyes, stubble, unending supply of vicodin – yeah, he’s a man I could go for…

Venom’s last blog post..Hostages, Terrorists, and Meeting PsychoContractor in Court

Too funny! I read somewhere that an ex-girlfriend said he was very *big* if you know what I mean – thats the only fact I can remember about him, lol!

Love the site, I have bookmarked it.

hum-ma -na, hum-ma-na, hum-ma-na!

MadMadMargo’s last blog post..International Mirth Day?

There are a lot of TV doctors I would go gay for and Hugh Laurie isn’t one of them.



moooooog35’s last blog post..Motivational Filler – Harmony

“House in this doctor.” Good one, Tiggy.

HumorSmith’s last blog post..The People’s Court Jester

i’m more into patrick dempsey than hugh.

Seraphine’s last blog post..Paradox Connection Strings

I was amazed when I learned House is not about a house. Why don’t they call the show ‘Doctor?’

Angry Max’s last blog post..Book Review: Random Homeless Guy

Ryan: It could have been worse… it could have been Rowan Atkinson! Yeuch.

John: It did start to suck. too many pretty ladies, not enough nakedness.

Venom: If he had a hump, one eye and Vicodin would you still go for him?

Margo: Seems that Vicodin is kicking in then!

Mooog: I think you should name names.

HumorSmith: Gahh, thanks! I wish someone was paying me to make this stuff up.

Seraphene: Oh no, Patrick Dempsey is far too perfect for my tastes. Maybe Mooog is interested?

Max: Good point! I can imagine a lot of disappointed home renovation fans tuning in to it.

If Rusty Joiner were my doctor, I would try everything I could to be sick every day.

Carl’s last blog post..Excuse Me, Sir. It Looks Like You Need Butt Implants.

He is sooo hot !!

dani’s last blog post..Eff You Wednesday !!!!

Oh man what can I say. I do not find him attractive or sexy. Do you hate me now?

ettarose’s last blog post..The Kidnapper

Thank you. I was running low on sexual fantasy material. Now with such keywords as “Hugh Laurie,” “Dr. House,” “tight underwear,” and “anal probe,” I am good to go.

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I Got a Tube Shoved Up My Nose so you don’t have to

look at this bad boy…..

How can u say this man isn’t attractive?
I’d let him destroy me.

I love Hugh Laurie, you are very lucky to have seen him!

I love Dr. House and i always watch this TV series after my day job.*”;

I love it! 🙂

Really funny story, I really like his tv show.

I have to laugh as I’ve only watched one or two episodes of House. I remember Hugh best from Blackadder, A Bit of Fry ‘n Laurie and Annie Lennox’s video -Walking on Broken Glass. I always found him amazingly sexy.

nice i like this one

I AGREE WITH YOU COMPLETELY!!! everything about Hugh Laurie is delicious…. those sensual blue eyes which look like he can see you right through the TV screen*shiver*,that manly stubble,his strong arms,the cute dimples….and to top all of that ,he’s insanely talented,extremely intelligent and really humble and down-to-earth.I love Hugh and i love house,but the former’s acting is so damn good that people often mistakenly believe that Hugh is just like house in real life.Everyone who has ever had the pleasure of interacting with this wonderful man have invariably reported that he is shy,reserved,kind,respectful and way too humble for such a big celebrity. How I wish I had Hugh all to myself or at least had a chance to be “examined thoroughly” by doctor Gregory House!!! <3<3<3 His wifey is one of the luckiest women to have ever lived!!

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