Wii Wow Wonder...erm, woman.Santa is a bastard! He didn’t bring me a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. Come on Santa, how many begging letters to the North Pole do I need to send before I get one? It cost me a fortune in stamps, and now the lady at the Post Office thinks I’m weird.

How else can I work off all that holiday booze, other than by jiggling in front of the TV waving around a plastic wand?

Pining for a Wii got me thinking about all the fab games I won’t be playing this year. I’ve also come up with a few game ideas of my own. How much would all you Wii fans want to play the following games? A lot much, I reckon!

Snow Shovel Star 2009 – Relive all the fun of a sub-zero whiteout! Select your spade and get ready for hours of back-breaking shoveling fun! Plough your way through levels including Appalachian Avalanche, Dig Out the Car before the Wife Gives Birth, and Springtime in Winnipeg! Great snow shoveling practice for Dad!

Kozy Knitting Korner – You’ll knot want to put down your Wireless Knitting Needles with this awesome craft game! Knit virtual sweaters, socks and fluffy gifts for all the family. It’s not a complete waste of time at all! Coming soon – World of LoomCraft and Potter’s Wheel for Wii!

Espresso A Go-Go – Realize your barista dreams with your own virtual percolator! Use your wand to select your beans, grind them to perfection, then fill your coffee machine and watch it brew! Obviously you can’t drink the coffee as it’s pretend.

Your very own Virtual ShamWow!ShamWow Mansion – The most absorbent game you’ll ever play! Using the WiiWow Virtual Miracle Cloth, race around ShamWow Mansion clearing up cola, pet stains and vomit before That Guy With The Headset catches you and kills you with his Weapon of Mass Absorption!
If you’re not saying “Wow!” by the end of this game, you must be fucked in the head or something!

Busker Bum – It’s like Guitar Hero for the homeless! Busk and beg for money on the mean streets of Wiiville. Can you make enough money to buy your next wrap of heroin or bottle of meths? Will your audience be throwing you bucks – or buttons? Don’t forget to watch out for violent cops, drunken tramps and overpriced hookers!

Go On, Poke It With A Stick – Ewww, what’s that? Probe and prod for hours with your Virtual Poking Stick! Jab your way through squishy adventures including Roadkill Alley, Poo Bar and This Looks Like a Job For CSI. Icky!

I’m off to copyright these game ideas right now. If I ever get my hands a flamin’ Wii before I die of old age, I promise to dedicate all my productive time to mopping up at ShamWow Mansion. Game on!


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Ooh, ooh, I SO want a copy of ShamWow Mansion– I’ve got to get a Wii right away!!

Jenn Thorson’s last blog post..Heat Surge Inspires Rogue Amish, Plus Vince Moonlights from ShamWow

Well, I think that the Wii may be one of the most retarded things ever invented, but I would want to play the stick-poking game.


John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer’s last blog post..Bio Diesel

Oookay. I have a Wii, but I must admit, none of these hold appeal for me.

On the other hand, I haven’t played any of the games I do have. That’s the husband/kid toy. I’ll run the ideas by them tonight.

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..A little individuality (Bonus Thieving Thursday!)

I like it! Isn’t there a Gordon Ramsey chef game where you have to cook food, how stupid is that? Like you say, you can’t eat it as its pretend!

These are all great games! I used to be a barista, so I’m used to making coffee I can’t drink – sound like fun. I also can’t wait to run around the sham wow mansion sopping up unknown liquids. I do have to commend you for making the tediousness of knitting more tedious by eliminating the element of productivity. Nice going!

Starcasm’s last blog post..Ex And The City: Sarah Jessica Parker Leaves Matthew Broderick

killa games. but I’m so afraid the poke it with a stick game will be too advanced for me.

chat blanc’s last blog post..Confessional

Any Shamwow game would be awesome.

I would love to play the poke it with a stick game!!! LOL!

thinkinfyou’s last blog post..The Gift Of Technology

Folks, thanks for all your input. I’ve got a good feeling about these games.

I’m quite sure someone from Nintendo will be contacting me any moment now with the offer to develop ShamWow Mansion.

Any moment now.


Love this! …. when do they go on the market???

I get Snow Shovel Star 2009 in real life though, the rest will be on my list.

Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”’s last blog post..Five Boobs & Tractor Tunes Hit the Target

Wii expert husband says, “them’s some twisted but funny games”.

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Thieving Thursday: A Sacred Trust

I love ShamWow Mansion. And I hate the ShamWow guy.

Chowner’s last blog post..What I would be thinking if I were John McEnroe before playing a match overseen by an umpire who knew I had slept with his wife.

I’ll buy this pretend Wii ONLY when they figure out how to add real coffee.

Great game ideas. It is silly the things we do while playing video games (a la the Sims) that we avoid doing in real life.

Oh, did you remember to include a sexy picture in your letters to Santa? I find that always helps.

C. Fraser’s last blog post..Subscribe to Comments

I’m not going to say I love you on my first time here. But I like you– a lot. I LIKE like you. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Ann’s last blog post..Safety Tips: Encountering Toddlerus Tantrumicus

Busker Bum…oh, my. What is the popularity lately with meth and heroin in blog posts? Just yesterday it was crack and marijuana. I’m soooo behind the times.

Unfinished Rambler’s last blog post..Lesson I learned yesterday after falling on ice twice


well santa is a bum!
so how dyu keep score playing these games 😉

trauma queen’s last blog post..Resolve

[…] been giving ShamWow a lot of thought. Maybe too much thought. Not content with my fabulous Wii game concept, I’ve come up with more amazing ShamWow products that will have you saying […]

Those folks from Nintendo would be foolish to not bring you on board as a game developer.

nanodance’s last blog post..Your Community Service Sentence

I’d totally get to play the Poke it with a Stick game, so long as I get to poke someone in the eye. It’s kind of my thing.


Nice list there, thanks. I have a wii and love it. Thats nan looks like she’s concentrating so much haha. 😛


Thanks for this great post .. it’s very WOW!

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