Ooh, I'd like to ride your shuttle!Wow! I nearly came when I saw these out-of-this-world super space suits! Frustrated shuttle pilots everywhere can indulge their fantasies with these cosmic costumes.

Simply redecorate your garage or lounge in tin foil, and create high-tech controls from old switches and cereal boxes… and prepare to lift off!

There’s no end of space fantasies I’d love to recreate inside my shiny capsule.

Of course you won't look stupid.* To enhance your galactic experience, hire a children’s bouncy castle and pretend to bounce your way across the moon or even Mars! Don’t forget – shoes off first.

* For a hilarious prank, pretend you are a Cosmonaut who has crash-landed in your neighbour’s garden. Tell them in made-up Russian you need them to urgently phone Vladimir Putin, NASA and the nearest Radioactive Waste Decontamination Unit. They will be thrilled to have such fun-loving neighbours!

If you can’t afford to spend $$$ at The Space Store, simply pop over to the Kennedy Space Center and grab yourself a pair of these fetching high-tech intergalactic… oven gloves!

They bake muffins in space, too!

As used on the space shuttle by Neil Armstrong! Probably.


13 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Space Suits”

You might want to avoid a “real” space suit. It weighs over 400 pounds.

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Kid Break

“Don’t forget – shoes off first.” that had me in stitches!

Great blog by the way.

Hey, my blog today is all about EVA stuff you didn’t know.

(and it’s only 400 pounds with all the other stuff attached to it)

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Six Random Things – with a Twist

I LOVE a man in uniform. In fact, I’ve had two husbands, both of which were firefighters. But taking off a 400 pound spacesuit? My horniness doesn’t last THAT long.

dana’s last blog post..WHY THERE’S NO ONE IN HELL

Great find! I can’t afford the suit but the mitts look cool.

Oh, man! I never knew there was a SPACE STORE! How cool am I going to look in my Apollo Astronaut Snoopy Cap Replica???!!!

JD at I Do Things’s last blog post..I’ll Say “No” to Drugs so you don’t have to

Stephanie: Wow! A real rocket scientist! Great info on real space suits… I wonder though, what happens when a spaceperson needs to pee?

Evil: That reminds me of my favourite joke by Harry Hill – “…and I often find the best place to pick up children’s shoes is a bouncy castle…”

Dana: Good point. I was hoping to indulge in all kinds of astronaut antics, but it sounds like I’d need several volunteers and a crane to get my hunk out of his suit. Kinda kills the mood.

Jeff: Only ten bucks for NASA oven mitts! Ten bucks for space stuff!

JD: Oh, come on over and we can play space! I have my mitts at the ready. But I’m going to be the pilot, all right?

Tiggy, they pee. Hydration is very important for EVA because they work so hard so, yes, they wear a big official NASA Depends. Men used to have a pee catching contraption, but the diapers were easier for everyone so that’s what they use. (I didn’t include that tidbit since I thought astronaut diapers were a big joke after that one lost her mind and drove to Florida) – it’s necessary as any unsanctioned fluid can be, literally, fatal. And, no, no one’s ever vomited in the suit, thank God.

By the way, JD, snoopy is a big deal at NASA. The astronauts have their own award that only they give that’s about the most prized one NASA gives, and includes a sterling silver snoopy (in a spacesuit) snoopy. The award is called (surprise!) the Silver Snoopy. And yes, I have one.

Stephanie Barr’s last blog post..Six Random Things – with a Twist

your recommendations are great, cuz really the only way I’m getting into a germ infest bouncy castle is fully suited up! 🙂

chat blanc’s last blog post..Car smartz

Hilarious. I want one just so I can pull your prank on a neighbour.

Chowner’s last blog post..What I would be thinking if I were John McEnroe before playing a match overseen by an umpire who knew I had slept with his wife.

Stephanie: Thanks for the info! I had to ask. And you don’t hear the phrase “unsanctioned fluid” every day, do you?

Chat: Quite right. Children are quite the most unhygenic little creatures.

Chowner: Pull it on my neighbour! He won’t mind going through the house fumigation and police questioning again, I’m sure.

Neil Armstrong on the space shuttle? Naw girl. That’s like a Nova Scotian being the first man on the moon.

I really liked your blog! LOL! 😀

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