Kittyland Love Centre.Is your fluffy friend bored? Kitty tired of shredding your sofa and sicking up dead mouse parts? See his cats eyes light up with this Cat Activity Centre! Combining materials developed on the International Space Station with Japanese construction technology (possibly) this tower of feline fun will make kitty purrrrr!

Pussy will delight in scampering up and down the ladders, hiding in the catnip-infused boxes and swinging on the hammock thing. They’ll never want to leave!


Don’t forget Fido – boffins are currently developing a range of doggylicious toys for your pooch, including:

It's sock-vomit doggy heaven!* Sock On A String – Now Rover can swallow his favourite laundry item all day without that expensive trip to the veterinarian!

Simply pull the string to retrieve sock from your dog’s digestive tract.

* Doggy ‘Doo-Doughs’ Treats – your hound is always happy when he’s playing with poo! These yummy brown piles taste as good as they look.

Simply scatter a handful of treats around the garden and your dog will think he’s in the local park! Safe for kids, too.


16 Responses to “Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Cat Activity Centre”

haha! makes me wish I was somebody’s pet. 😉

Cats are supposed to be bored. That’s what we bred them for.

Pets have it better than some people and that’s the way it should be. I treat dogs a lot better than most people. I can trust dogs…

Now that’s good stuff right there! I can’t believe my dog hasn’t already asked me for a sock on a string for Christmas.

Doggy Doo Doughs will be great sellers. Will they be marketed in sizes for different dogs? Poodle doo up to Newfie Doo?

Maybe if my cat had that device, he would lose some weight! Check out a day in my cat’s life when you get a chance.

Har! We just bought that cat condo a few weeks ago (in beige)!!!

Our three felines LOVE it!

“swinging on the hammock thing.” HA HA HA!!!!! You are clearly meant for catalog writing! This was hysterical. I’m totally stumbling it.

Those cats look so bored!

What should I get for my pet amoeba?

I’m opposed to this treat-your-pets-better-than-you-treat-your-kids nonsense. I say, send you pets out to play in the busy street. It’s what my parents did with me and if it was good enough for me, it’s good enough for your pets.

Chat: Fetch! Roll over! Tickle your belly! Get off the bloody curtains!

Diesel: I wonder if sheep ever get bored. Or are they too stupid? Do stupid people get bored? Gahh, I’ll be wrestling with this question all evening now.

Red: Dogs are trustworthy up until the point food is involved. They’d sell you for a steak, mark my words.

Tim: Your dog probably keeps dropping hints – like throwing up socks all over the house and looking sad?

Joe: Hmm. Do big dogs poop bigger than small dogs? I don’t think so. We had a small dog who could give an elephant with the squits a run for his money in poop delivery.

Maureen: Trust me, your cats will be bored in a few weeks and will be demanding a larger pad. No pleasing some pets.

Geek: No, your cat needs a treadmill. Now there’s a new gift idea!

Nanny: Thank you! I feel a new career is calling.

Jeff: Don’t spoil the illusion!

C: Amoebas are too stupid to understand the concept of Christmas and gift-giving, so save your money. Just buy it some nice lettuce. Do amoebas eat lettuce? I imagine they do.

Joel: Good idea! A bit of fresh air does the world of good. Unless you’re a fish.

I demand someone invent a cat and dog boxing ring, and then we could all enjoy these natural enemies fighting to the death for our pleasure.

Actually, I might invent that myself, and rake in all the money!

I’m getting my cats bits of tissue paper for Christmas. They love ’em, just pounce about and pretend to be hunting.

That or small explosive charges, depending on how many more times they shit on my armchair. Happened once so far, I’m counting down …

Our cat, Gus, makes his own poo toys — made out of real poo! He has the good sense not to play with them, but young Prudence thinks they’re the funnest toys since I hung a piece of string from a doorknob.

why does this sound like the ideal young adult lifestyle… i know i’d enjoy hiding in the hotboxed, i mean catnip-infused rooms..

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