Tiggy’s Shopping Bizarre – Cat Activity Centre

Kittyland Love Centre.Is your fluffy friend bored? Kitty tired of shredding your sofa and sicking up dead mouse parts? See his cats eyes light up with this Cat Activity Centre! Combining materials developed on the International Space Station with Japanese construction technology (possibly) this tower of feline fun will make kitty purrrrr!

Pussy will delight in scampering up and down the ladders, hiding in the catnip-infused boxes and swinging on the hammock thing. They’ll never want to leave!


Don’t forget Fido – boffins are currently developing a range of doggylicious toys for your pooch, including:

It's sock-vomit doggy heaven!* Sock On A String – Now Rover can swallow his favourite laundry item all day without that expensive trip to the veterinarian!

Simply pull the string to retrieve sock from your dog’s digestive tract.

* Doggy ‘Doo-Doughs’ Treats – your hound is always happy when he’s playing with poo! These yummy brown piles taste as good as they look.

Simply scatter a handful of treats around the garden and your dog will think he’s in the local park! Safe for kids, too.