12. Spaghetti

Spaghetti - nom, nom, nom, nom.Invented by the Chinese in 250 BC, Italian food consists of pasta, pizza and parts of the pig you’d prefer to stay in the pig.

Spaghetti is best washed down with a light sparkling Frizzante (produced using a traditional method of fermenting grapes in old petroleum cans).

For extra authenticity, top your spaghetti with a Tommydevito, a spicy meatball made from pork, spices and snitches.

I liken das very much Billy Gibbons, he has das voice of ein Angel!Did you know that the most popular Italian song in the world is Shuddupa Ya Face by Joe Dolce, Italy’s very own King of Rock?

The Vatican were considering making it their national anthem, but the Pope plumped for ZZ Top’s more conservative Gimme All Your Lovin’ instead. Sellout.


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old deisel cans are better they give that fragrant bouquet

Can you confirm whether Spaghettios were invented by Italians or by Chinese people? Thank you.

Erm, is the Pope sportin’ a new spiked do in that pic? Seriously, I think he should of went with “Shuddupa Ya Face” — classic!

LOL! The Pope can be such a buzz kill sometimes!

I thought the Pope would have gone with Inna gadda da vida.

Somehow I thought the Pope would have gone in for something more Germanic. Like Der Kommisar or 99 Luftballons. Or judging from the picture something punk.

What’sa matter you, hey, gotta no respect!

You don’ta like my’a song hey? Why is’a Rick Astley so popular? Don’ta Joe roll sound’a so much better?


That spaghetti looks disgusting!! Neat Goodfellas reference, lol. I wondered how many mobsters in that movie ended up in the meat sauce.

[…] up by Joe Dolce, a longtime gay activist who got the idea when helped creating the .eco domain. …Tiggy's Word Of The Day – Spaghetti | TiggyblogQuite possibly untrue facts about Italy's favourite pasta dish, and the Pope's favourite rock band. […]

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