Spain - Sun, sea, sangria and sex heaven for the over 70's.

9. Spain

Hot country populated entirely by old people.

Invented by the Spanish, Spain is famous for sun, sea and Sangria, a traditional cocktail of red wine, Sunny Delight and brake fluid.

He's from Barcelona! Probably.Famous Spaniards include Renault Picasso, Manuel from Fawlty Towers and possibly Oates from top 80s rockers Hall and Oates, who looks a bit Spanish with that moustache.

A popular Spanish pastime is Bull Fighting which I believe is a lot like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Great fun for kids.


They love clacking their big castanets over at


16 Responses to “Tiggy’s Word Of The Day – Spain”

I believe that Oates is homosexual and that the Spanish thing is just a gimmick for the ladies. Mind you, he had to pretend because being gay in the eighties was a bit of a bum deal.

[insert short snare drum roll followed by cymbal crash]

BTW, I love the blog layout and everything although if I were you, I’d start afresh with the header image and save it in .png format as opposed to .jpg format. Trust me – it’ll look much, much cleaner.

I’ve always loved me a good Sangria. Thanks for the recipe! Now I can guzzle it at home and save myself the embarrassment of public intoxication on fruit drinks (a sad thing for a guy).

Okaaay… remind me never to visit there!

I thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue on Spain. Just one minor correction. Spain was invented by either DaVinci or Henry Clay. I seem to recall one (or both) of them was the answer to every question on every history test I ever took.

Bull fighting was always my favorite sport. Am I a frustrated Spainiard?

Wow, that photo is worth 1000 words! Ha…

I love Manuel from Fawlty Towers. And if John Oats (or, “Blow Oats,” as my husband insists on calling him) isn’t Spanish, he damn well should be.

Thank you, Tiggy, for teaching us about SPAIN!

Qelqoth: I didn’t know that about Oates! Mind you, neither did he, probably. And thanks for the advice on that technical web internet thingy that you mentioned, uhhh, I’ll look it up later…

Jason: No problemo Senor! Just go easy on the brake fluid.

Jeff: Never visit there! I shall come and shout it to you at regular intervals if you like.

Joe: Wasn’t DaVinci Italian? And Henry Clay a heavyweight boxer? Wow, your teachers must have been drunk! Cool.

Jack: Do you also hanker after grilled sardines and drive around your neighbourhood at 3am tooting your car horn and shouting “Barca! Barca!”? If yes – you are Spanish.

Diva – I thought I’d leave the photos of the skinny dipping for another day.

JD: “Blow Oates”? So Qelqoth is right then. No problem JD, it’s my job.

Because I am almost old I would like to visit Spain one of these days. Part of my heritage is from Spain because my great, great grandfather is from there, so they say. Whatever. 🙂


based on the Oates look I’m gonna guess that Spain is populated by 1970’s porn stars? he just has that um, look *ew*

Spain sounds like Florida. And pretty soon everyone here will speak Spanish too.

Spain…Mexico’s alcohol-torn grandfather.

Home of lisps, and men that are probably gay, maybe? Speedos. Dirt. Spains reminds me a lot of dirt.

I dunno.

Funny blog though. Low fives.

I wonder what that sensuous Spanish dance is that all of those svelte sunbathers in the top photo are partaking in?… The Barcelona Hokey-Pokey perhaps? It does look like quite a few are in the process of “putting their right foot in”– one of the Hokey-Pokey’s most famous and most intricate dance steps.

Lotusflower: Have fun out there! And bring us back some grilled sardines!

Chat Blanc: This is true. And even more true in Italy.

Damon: Only difference is the Spanish beer is actually made from beer, not rabbit pee (yes, Budweiser keep that ingredient quiet…)

Sully: Dirt, sand, soil and rocks. Not something you want to find in your speedos.

Jenn: I hope there is an ambulance standing by during the “shake it all about” part. Ugh.

I’d love to go to Spain someday. I’m really hoping them men there look nothing like anyone that you pictured in this post! 🙂

Julie: Avoid Benidorm and you’ll be fine!

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