Hurrah for Canada Day!

July 1st is Canada Day! The day when all Canadians avoid work, crack open a beer and then crack open another beer. To be honest, that happens most days in my house, but today we do it with pride!

To get into the spirit of things and help my non-Canadian readers join in the celebrations, I decided to find a photo that sums up Canada and what a cool place it is.

And what better than a picture of our national animal, the beaver? I set to work and Googled ‘cute furry beaver’. Unfortunately, the images Google presented me withโ€ฆ well, let’s just say a) I will remember to switch ‘Moderate Safe Search’ ON in future and b) I now have an image of Britney Spears burned into my brain I didn’t really need.

Britney-free beaver spotting.Never mind, I decided to head to my local wilderness park with my camera and snap the cheerful critter myself. After crawling through the undergrowth for hours, I finally chanced upon the fluffy little fella! Great, now I could get my shot. Come on little guy, do something cute and Canadian!

Unfortunately, I seemed to have caught my little beaver friend in, let’s just say, a rather private act of self-gratification. I waited patiently as the creature fiddled around with his nether regions. And waited. And waited some more. Get on with it, you little cocksucker!

More time passed. A group of curious tourists began to gather behind me.
“Mommy, why is that lady with the orange hair taking photos of a beaver playing with itself? I’m scared.”

I was escorted from the park by the rangers who were under the impression I was some kind of depraved fur-fancier, my protests that I was doing it for Canada Day falling on deaf ears.

Cover your eyes!

I’m really sorry about this, everyone. I just wanted a nice picture for Canada Day and all I have to show for it is a photo of a beaver masturbating. The day is all spoiled now. The only other picture I got was of three recidivists from the local trailer park. Admittedly they are not quite as fluffy, but they are Canadian and will have to do.


Give them some chicken fingers and they won't steal your barbeque.


13 Responses to “Hurrah For Canada!”

Escorted out of the park eh? lol

Please tell me you don’t watch the trailer park boys … lol … oh dear.

Great post — the comment signifies that one Mr. Canucklhead (esq.) will hereby drink one (read: eight) Canadian beer in your honour (note the ‘u’) on July 1, 2008. Cheers!

* no monetary value – offer void where prohibited by law (I’m looking at you and your wacky laws Quebec) *

Happy Canada Day Tiggy! I love reading your posts!
Are you 100% sure the beaver wasn’t just getting changed? ๐Ÿ˜›

Happy Canada Day!

and the day after we take the empties back…:)))))

Happy Canada Day!!

That beaver picture is priceless. ๐Ÿ˜€

I don’t know much about Canada, though I probably should since I’ve been there many times & like the places I’ve seen of it. I always associated Moose with Canada…and good beer.

Hope you had a great Canada Day Tiggy! I googled “furry beaver” to see what happened, duhhh, I see what you mean!!

yes those Trailer Park boys, I’ve heard of them… I didn’t know they were from your part of the world. Are they adding something strange to the water round there?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Are you sure it was Britney Spears? ‘Cuz you did say you typed in “CUTE furry beaver.”

Drowsey: ‘Escorted’ always sounds a lot more elegant than ‘arrested’, I think!

Canucklehead: Hope your gut-wrenching hangover was worth it… Cheers!

Melba: I hadn’t thought of that! Oh dear, I’ve probably scarred the poor fluffy chap for life.

Freebie: Same to you too! Although July 2nd is never fun, what with the vomiting and that.

Robert: Funny, I saw someone running away from my house with a shopping cart full of empties… was that you?

Chelle B: Priceless, yes! Although I am willing to sell it for $50.

Jeff: Oh yes, I forgot to mention “DON’T TRY THAT AT HOME!” Sorry. And yes, the water does taste funny.

JD: Trust me, it’s true. I guess Googlebot has a sense of humour.

I had not idea Canadian beavers are so comfortable with themselves. I will forever associate this photo with Canada Day.

Happy Canada day Tiggy. Yes, I’m a little late. Still hung over…

Sheasy: Canada Day = Busy Beaver!

Sully: Cheers! A three-day hangover shows great dedication.

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